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7 Signs Your Lingerie is Fitting Incorrectly

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Although mostly not visible, underwear is a very important item when it comes to what we wear. The right choice of underwear depends on how comfortable we will feel in the clothes we wear. However, people often make mistakes when it comes to choosing underwear. And that applies mostly to women.

As the models differ, so do the sizes, but also the fact of how a particular model fits you. This is especially important if you are buying a bra. However, if any part of your underwear is smaller or larger, so if something is squeezing you, there is no need to wear it.

In addition, there are many other signs that indicate that you do not have the appropriate underwear in your closet. Keep in mind that underwear can make you more or less attractive. It all depends on how you wear it, and the prerequisite for that is that it suits you 100%. Read on for some of the most common signs that it’s time for new underwear.

1. Uncomfortable bra

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A lot of women have this problem with bras. Research shows that more than 60% of women wear the wrong model. And that applies to too small a bra while 10% of them have a problem with oversized bras. Remember that the wrong size of bra can lead to breast pain, discomfort and inadequate support. That is why it is always good to first find out about the signs of an inappropriate bra. That way, you can be sure that you will buy the right size.

Measuring tapes are a traditional way of determining, but there are other methods that are used more. In fact, you will almost never see these tapes in stores today. In the end, most women find out their true size through many wrong decisions when buying a bra. You should use some measurement techniques to determine the perfect size for you.

2. It starts to sag

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There is nothing worse than panties that have lost their original shape or become large over time. The great news is that you have lost weight if you wanted to, but you must not keep a piece of clothing like this in your closet.

Otherwise, your results will not be so visible, because the bad shape of the panties significantly impairs the appearance of your figure. It can also be quite uncomfortable for you because you will often have the feeling that they are moving.

3. You start to feel way too much tightness

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On the other hand, too tight underwear is more common. This does not necessarily mean that you have gained weight or something like that, there are many factors that affect the shape of it. For example, it refers to quality, method of washing, place of disposal, etc.

However, tight underwear is not primarily good for your health. Depending on the piece of clothing, you may experience chronic irritation, scratches caused by rubbing or blemishes on the skin. Remember that these things go directly to your skin and are under your clothes, which means that they must fit perfectly.

4. You are uncomfortable

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Each of us has a different style that we apply in everything. Despite the fact that underwear is mostly not visible, women simply like to feel nice under their clothes. This raises self-confidence, but also shows great results in the bedroom. However, comfort is more important than the appearance of it. It’s true that sexy lingerie doesn’t look comfortable at all, but you have a great choice when it comes to quality.

Then the criterion is very clear – everything that makes you feel uncomfortable is not for you. In that case, look for better quality one or some other material. Lastly, you can always spice up things. That way you will feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. You can get an idea at hauteflair.com and surprise your man.

5. You have them with you for too long

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If you have underwear from high school or some other period of life – throw it away. We believe that each of us has a pair of underwear or some other piece of lingerie, which he will not throw away no matter what they look like. This part of the closet should be renewed frequently due to the way we carry it.

Replacement every 6 months is recommended. In the end, it will depend on the frequency of wearing. Either way, you will notice that your underwear is worn out if its parts seem too loose. If you have not lost weight recently, your item of clothing has lost its elasticity and support.

6. Traces on skin

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Regardless of your build, you may notice bumps on your skin that are probably the result of poor lingerie choices. Take this as a very bad sign, because it means your underwear is too tight.

For example, it refers to the traces of seams on the thighs, around the hips, etc. You need to give your skin space to breathe and sometimes it has nothing to do with your weight.

Some models are simply not compatible with your build and then size means nothing to you. You may adore boxer shorts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best cut for your figure. In such cases, switch to another style.

7. Bacterial infection

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This is definitely the most unpleasant feeling, but also one of the best indicators of whether it suits you. For example, wearing underwear made of synthetic materials increases the degree of moisture in the genital area.

This favors the multiplication of microorganisms, especially fungi. Symptoms are very unpleasant. If you notice such a change in your body, you need to check if your underwear has anything to do with it. It is best to use more natural materials for a while and thus test the cause of infections.


So, the most important thing is to wear the underwear in which you feel best. You will achieve this with the right choice of underwear, because you will wear what really suits your body.

Remember that the wrong choice of lingerie can spoil your overall look. For example, you can act thicker than you look or hide many attributes. We hope we’ve helped you avoid this by being able to identify underwear that doesn’t suit you.