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Tips for Getting Your Winter Shoes and Clothes Combo Right

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Although now we are enjoying the summer wearing our favorite summer outfits – we should think about the upcoming autumn-winter season. Therefore, maybe now is the time to make a wise purchase. Perhaps you should take advantage of off-season discounts and get shoes and clothes for the upcoming winter. However, do not buy randomly – but choose pieces that you can combine well and which will be trendy in the coming season. Here are some fashion tips for winter shoes and clothes combos.

Winter Stylish Combinations

Turtlenecks, high-heel boots, coats, and comfortable leather boots are the backbone of ‘winter’ combinations. However, the question is: how to raise classic pieces of winter clothes and shoes to a higher level – so that the overall impression is good. One of the solutions is to play with textures and patterns so that they look chic and feminine. When it comes to shoes, we may think that the choice is limited – but it is not so. Ankle boots, high-heel boots, deep boots, sneakers, even stilettos – everything can come into consideration. For each different pair of winter shoes, you need to know what you will wear them with. It’s not an easy job at all, and if you don’t know some basic tricks – you can make a lot of fashion mistakes. That’s why we’ve collected for you in one place everything related to combining footwear with clothing pieces, which will facilitate your next styling.

How To Combine Winter Shoes And Clothes And Look Fabulous?

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There are stylish clothes and shoe combos that are reserved for certain seasons. It is precisely for this reason that we associate autumn and winter with layered and warm clothing. However, this doesn’t mean that in winter you cannot wear combinations of clothes and shoes that are somewhat different from those we are used to seeing during this season. On the contrary! You can make shoes and clothes combos that will look chic if you contribute to making them look that way. We encourage you to dare, and accordingly, we present to you the combinations of clothes and shoes that, regardless of the occasion, you must wear until the end of this winter.

1. Sweater and jeans: You can combine them with almost any type of footwear

We’re sure you can’t imagine cold days without a sweater. It is wearable for any time of the day, and on any occasion. You can combine different models in different ways with other pieces of clothing. Our personal favorites are the bulky, round-neck ones that have some interesting detail. They are loose and casual and perfectly suit those who have an urban fashion style. You can combine them with jeans or trousers. You can combine them with almost any type of shoes – sneakers, boots, flat shoes, flats, and even glasses, depending on whether the combination is more elegant.

2. Sweater-dresses and boots

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Sweater dresses are great because you can have a great outfit without much effort. It is enough to wear matching socks and boots with them. However, if you like experimenting under that dress, you can wear leather pants or black jeans. As for the shoes – if you love boots with high heels, that will be the right choice. You can wear ankle boots with heels, or little deeper ones that will give your fashion combination an elegant touch.

3. Jeans, leather jacket and deep flat boots

This is one of the timeless combinations. You can wear it during autumn and winter (if it is not too cold). A black turtleneck, jeans that follow the body line, a good leather jacket, and deep or semi-deep boots with threads are the perfect choice for a casual winter combination. Of course, this style is not suitable for work. However, if you take a look at this link, you will see you complement such a combination with long high-heeled black boots with stilettos – and get a glam-rock style.

4. Faux Leather Leggings And Flat High Boots

Anyone who likes leggings will enjoy this trend. Leggings are still worn, and fake leather is still fashionable. Well-intentioned advice: always buy one size larger, you will be more comfortable and you won’t look unattractive. Practical colors that go well with a lot of things are black and sand. You can wear them with flat or heeled boots. However, be careful here, because if you wear them with high heels, you have to somehow ‘calm down’ this outfit so that it is not too aggressive.

5. Faux Fur Coat And Combinations Of Boots

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The famous “teddy coat” does not deviate from the fashion scene. This season, a very luxurious material reminiscent of the finest plush or a hipster combination with fake leather details, such as – for example – pockets, large, sewn, and often in a contrasting color, is in fashion. You will be on-trend in the wider model that is tied with a belt like a house dress. Both flat and heeled boots are worn with such coats. If the coat is shorter, you can opt for high-cut boots. Also, if the coat is more casual, you can wear flat ankle boots with some interesting detail or in a more intense color like burgundy.

6. Invest in the right footwear

Winter is the time when we expect rain and snow, so it is not worth investing in lounge shoes with high heels. Quite simply, there is little chance that we will have numerous outings and festive occasions. But that’s why this is a good moment to invest in quality boots, with a medium or higher heel, made of good leather, and with a high sole. When you do go out, it will often involve spending time outdoors, either for a walk or in a café. For comfortable shoes, it is ideal that they have a zipper, at least in the part where the foot is the widest – at the height of the thigh. You can combine them with dresses, pants, or leggings – and, in any case, you will look great.

The Bottom Line

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Although most women think that winter is not an inspiring period for clothing style – that is not completely true. Even though we dress in layers, that doesn’t mean we can’t make trendy combinations of clothes and shoes. Footwear is certainly one of the most important factors that can give our appearance a touch of elegance or a casual look. Therefore, choose your combination well and complete it with an adequate accessory. If you are looking for the perfect shoes for you during winter season, do check this site www.brandhousedirect.com.au.