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What Your Instagram Filter Says About You – 2023 Tips


Instagram is a social network designed primarily for sharing pictures and videos, which allows users to digital processing their own photos using many of the available digital filters. The ease with which each user from ordinary ‘boring’ pictures can quickly and easily get a more effective, better and more beautiful result is the main reason why Instagram is enjoying such popularity among users. Some filters are more popular than others. Researchers in Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech’s, found that filtered images on Instagram, increase audience engagement, in terms of likes and comments. Such images also have 21 percent more likely to be viewed and 45 percent more likely to be commented. Filters that allow more contrast and corrects exposure are attractive to observers, and the same goes for those who produce warmer tones.

You probably already have a profile on Instagram and like to play with its filters. In a large assortment of many filters, you probably have at least one that you use most often. The truth is, the filter you choose says more about you than the picture you take. If you want to find out what your Instagram filter says about you, check out this interesting and fun infographic below: