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What Is A Minimal Home? Easy Ways To Create A Minimal Space


Minimalism is an art movement that characterises simple and massive forms. The concept of minimalism is avoiding the unnecessary and embracing simplicity, utility and elegance in one’s lifestyle. Minimalist decor styles are popular in apartments as they can make the most of any small space. Minimal home designs usually contain a monochromatic colour palette and simple, practical, clean and linear elements. A lot of people believe that living in a minimalist home helps them de-stress and improves their concentration.

What should a minimalist home look like?


Functionality and utility are the base of a minimalist home. Here’s what a minimalist home should look like-

Furniture and appliances: In a minimal home the motto is “less is more”. That applies to the furniture too. The furniture should have clean and linear edges and surfaces. There should not be any unnecessary decoration or design. Most minimalist homes project a monochromatic colour palette, so that should reflect on the furniture as well. The same goes for the appliances. No needless designs and it is better if they are multifunctional.¬† For instance, a black boiling water tap is perfect for creating a sleek and functional look in the kitchen.

Decorations: A minimalist home is supposed to have only functional and practical things, but a few pieces of decor items and add details and personal touch. Flat and clean surfaces and be spiced up by adding a simple photo frame or a vas. But it should be quality over quantity.

How to create a minimalist design in your home?


All of us have scrolled through social media or Pinterest and had the urge to create a minimal look in our houses. So finally you have decided to do it, now what? Unless you are redoing your house or just moving in, begin one step at a time. Redo one room at a time because this can be an overwhelming and expensive process. It is easy to start with a bedroom or a guest room. Start the process by decluttering the room first. Keep only the essentials and get rid of your old decor items. When you are done decluttering, browse for furniture that goes with your taste and has minimal colour or style. The less the furniture, the better.

If you are painting your room, make sure you are using the right colour. Neutral, cool and natural tones are right for a minimalist style. You can go with white (obviously), shades of grey, taupe, wood tone or black. If you have the option to redo your floor, going with a natural or wood tone will make the space look more fresh and clean. When you are done placing the furniture, there should be nothing else on the floor. Store any unnecessary things away and out of tight. There should be nothing on the floor that disrupts the flow of the space.

This may be the hardest part, get rid of all your old decor items. Walls, shelves, tabletop- clean everything up and donate or put away. All flat surfaces should be clean except for one or two decorations. Don’t just hang a art on the wall or put a vase on the table just for the sake of it. Decorations in a minimal space are used to add detailing and personal touches. Keep that in mind when you are redoing the space.