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Is It Worth Traveling to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy?

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When it comes to life as a sugar baby, there are some issues that no one seems to definitively agree on, and whether or not you should travel to meet up with a potential sugar daddy is one of them. Some babies say you absolutely shouldn’t under any circumstances with zero exceptions. But others have done it before, found the experience worth it, and advocate for it as long you’re careful how you go about it.

Ultimately, only you know whether traveling to meet up with a potential sugar daddy sounds worthwhile to you. But if you do decide you want to give it a try, it’s crucial to get a few things straight first to ensure a positive experience on your end. Here are a few key things to consider.

Traveling to see someone is a favor to them

And it’s important to see it that way and make sure they do, too. Think about it. When someone meets a sugar daddy on a site like SugarDaddyForMe.com who lives somewhere else and makes the decision to travel to a strange city to meet someone they don’t really know, they’re taking a tremendous leap of faith.

They’re putting their entire life back home on hold for however long they’re going to be away. And unless the person on the other end is footing the bill, they’re taking all the expenses that come along with traveling upon themselves, as well. That’s a lot to ask of anyone, even in a traditional relationship, but its an even bigger ask when a sugardaddy asks it of a possible sugar baby.

Insist on having your own place to stay

When you’re still only talking to a potential sugardaddy, nothing’s been agreed to as far as an arrangement yet, so it’s essential to maintain the same firm boundaries you’d have in place with any first sugar date. Remember, a situation where you’re traveling to see him instead of the other way around is super convenient for him but not for you. For that reason, it’s crucial to get a few things straight before you reach for your suitcase.

Insist on him making sure you’re comfortable while you’re there. That means insisting on your own accommodations at a nice, conveniently located hotel, not his home. That would be one thing if you were already in a relationship, but you’re not. So until you are, insist on your own accommodations.

Decide where your travel funds are coming from in advance

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One of the biggest concerns any sugar baby should have when it comes to a potential sugar daddy she doesn’t know and hasn’t even met up with in person yet is whether she’s dealing with a salt daddy in disguise. One great way to figure this out is to pay close attention to what his stance is on covering your travel expenses for you.

Again, traveling to see him is a huge favor to him, not to mention a huge chance you’re taking. If you get there only to find out your chemistry isn’t what you hoped it would be, you could wind up really stuck if you aren’t able to cover your basic expenses on your own.

Reducing the potential risk to you by covering your expenses for you in full is the gentlemanly thing to do, especially considering you’re meeting up in the first place to explore the possibility of an ongoing arrangement. So if he’s not open to doing that, and making sure you have everything you need up front before you even pack your bags, think twice about going in the first place.

Do plenty of homework on him before you go

So let’s say you’ve addressed the above issues, and so far so good. That’s great, but don’t let your guard down just yet. You need to make absolutely certain you really know the person you’re traveling to meet as well as possible, and that means doing your homework on him up front. That process starts by being up front with him about needing to make sure he’s not only a real person, but an upstanding member of society, in general.

Good generous sugardaddies will completely understand that, so beware if he acts offended or hurt that you’re asking about his personal information. At the very least, get his full legal name and the name or website of the company he works for. That’s enough to at least do a fruitful Google search and get a read on what kind of person he really is before you put yourself out there.

And last but not least, make sure someone you love and trust knows where you’ll be going for safety’s sake any time you travel. It’s always best to be safe instead of sorry, especially when traveling to a new place to meet someone you don’t know well.

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