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Traditional vs Online Shopping


Now is possible to buy almost everything from theater and concert tickets to food, without leaving the comfort of your own home. This type of purchase has many advantages, but there are a few drawbacks of traditional methods. In this article we will write about traditional vs online shopping.

The first disadvantage of online shopping is the lack of interaction with the product. It’s hard to get a sense of how the product really looks when buying online. You only have basic descriptions, product images and perhaps video. Some websites offer a 3D view which facilitates the idea for a particular item. Sometimes the product will look different than what you imagined. You can be disappointed when you receive the item. There are a number of items that can be purchased in this way. Items such as mattresses, beds and sometimes clothing, especially if you do not fit the standards of sizes, are not the best for this method of purchase. They need to be tried before deciding to buy. If you buying consumer electronics, and you are not too tech savvy, the traditional store retailers are there to help you and answer any questions. If you buy online, you have to wait for a response to an e-mail or phone to establish contact.

Another disadvantage of buying online is waiting for delivery of items. Some local problems can also delay the arrival of the product to your address. For people who are impatient, it can be a major drawback for the use of online shops.

After you have read this disadvantages of online shopping, do not get scared and give up this way of buying. There are so many benefits so that you can easily forget some shortcomings. Wandering through stores in search of the target item and crowd sometimes can be quite stressful. If you buy online, you will certainly find items for less money, or those who are not available in stores which will save you some time.

Buying in shopping malls with a variety of events, bars, also can be a pleasant experience. Online shopping is an alternative to traditional shopping. It is best to combine both. So it’s the easiest way to save money. Below you can check traditional vs online shopping infographic: