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Today’s Teens Are Evolving Along With Technology


Being a teen today and 20 years ago is radically different experience. A lot has changed. The advance of technology has brought a variety of opportunities, but also significantly changed the ways in which teens communicate, spend their leisure time … In TeenSafe, they prepared a nice infographic. It was based on data collected in the United States, but we believe that it can be to a large extent applied to every state.

Thus, for example, teens 20 years ago, spent two hours in front of the TV. Ten years later that number had risen to six hours using the media, but today is seven and a half hours every day. In the mid nineties the popular device was a portable CD player, and 86 percent of Americans at home had a video recorder. In the middle of the first decade of 2000, 51 percent of teenagers are downloading the music from the Internet, while more and more of them are ordering movies through services such as Netflix.

Today, they are listening to music on smartphones, through services such as YouTube and Pandora, and television programs are increasingly being monitored through tablet computers. As far as communication, today’s teens send an average of 60 text messages a day. Only 39 percent use voice calls, while 35 percent daily communicate with other people live in the school. Ten years earlier they mingled with friends at least two hours and separated an hour for sports and hobbies, and 45 minutes for reading.

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