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Tips For Successful Visual Branding

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Visual Branding

Visual branding is so important as it defines how people make perception of you or your company. If you own website or business, you want your representation of visual brand to play key role in development. It has to speak same language just as your videos, text, audio or anything else. Marketing world is essentially very visual. So when you look at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you can realize that they are mostly focused on visual content, and this is what makes them most growing and famous social media networks. When you consider making good visual brand every detail plays big part of it. It can be your cover or profile photo, social posts or something else.

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Visual branding is so successful because we as human beings are programmed in a way that our brain understands images faster and better then written text. We can see this in example of Facebook related research where they made conclusion that 93% of written posts are linked to posted images rather then links, videos or status updates. Your visuals are kind of storytellers for your audience. Unique and strong content with fresh design could capture and keep attention of customers. It will also help you build a good reputation among rest of competition. When people visit your website your style will immediately tell them how they can feel about your brand. If you want to stand out from crowd there are elements that you can follow in building successful and effective visual brand. Lucikily, all ingredients that are required for this are available

Ask yourself who’s your audience, this is one of key steps because if you don’t know with who you’re talking to, you don’t know what to say. Think of it in a way of what kind of people you want to attract, and what kind of friendship with your brand you want to your customers have. Be detailed about information of gender, location, age occupation or educational status. Choose a right and strong brand name, even if your visual part of brand is beautifull, it can be distracted with poor name. Create stunning logo, this is the most important and valuable part of your visual branding, as it can quickly speak for the business you are offering.

After you have met your audience the biggest challenge is how to present your personality through visuals. This is really hard in marketing world and large number of brands are having problem with this because there is no connection face to face. One of the ways you can reach your audience is with emotions. Think if any of the products or services you are offering has a story or impact that will move your audience in emotional way. We see this in workout body programs where they show us the results and tell us it’s possible if you get up and do the work and this motivates people.

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Create a nice narrating story that goes along with your logo and keep repeating it over and over to new customers or anyone that would listen. Be consistent by applying same size of pictures and font in all your visual platforms. This is good when customers are following you from Twitter to Facebook because visual story will be similar. Use the power of social media websites to interact with people, build friendships, earn followers or new customers.

Don’t forget about video for your brand. Many people will rather watch videos then reading text. Videos help us understand service or product better and at the same time entertain us. Being successful with visual branding doesn’t happen just overnight. It plays a very important role in way of how your business will be presented to customers, so put your skills in action.