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7 Tips and Tricks for Lowering Your Rental Car Expenses

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Rent a car has enjoyed great popularity for years. Car rental is a very common choice when it comes to vacations and business trips. This service is also used by all those whose car is defective or simply think that their vehicle is not suitable for a trip.

When it comes to the price of renting a car, we must say that it varies from one company to another, but also from the type of vehicle. The more comfortable, newer, and bigger the car, the higher the price. To use this service, you need to meet certain conditions – to have a valid identity document and driver’s license, and to carefully read and sign the contract. Also, keep in mind that the vehicle can only be driven by the person specified in the contract, and if there is another person, you need to specify it with the contract and enclose personal documents and driver’s license. To make sure that the desired vehicle is waiting for you, we recommend that you book a few days in advance.

In the contract, you will have an insight into everything you need to know – which insurance is included in the price, the length of the lease, and so on. In practice, the tank should be full upon collection and returned as such. As for the rent, it is calculated on a daily or 24-hour basis. It is important to note that many agencies do not tolerate delays, and automatically charge the next day, so make sure you stick to the agreed time.

What many are interested in is whether there are some catches that benefit the customer, or affect the lowering of the rental price. The answer is, of course, positive, and read below how.

1. Choose a more modest vehicle

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This is one of the surest ways to pay less rent. If you are alone on the road and do not need a limousine with a spacious trunk, take a smaller car or a slightly older one. Of course, this does not mean that you will endanger your safety and that you will get a vehicle that is in poor condition because it is assumed that everyone is technically correct and in perfect driving condition.

Think carefully about what kind of vehicle you need. If you are traveling with children and a lot of luggage and plan to do longer trips choose something bigger and more comfortable. If you are two and want to save simply choose the smallest and cheapest car on offer. With such a car, you will also find it easier to find parking spaces in congested tourist centers. Also, look for car consumption data and plan the mileage.

2. Long-term car rental

Those who opt for a long-term lease will get the vehicles at very attractive prices. Complete vehicle care run by the lessor, significantly simplified administration, easy cost control and fixed costs throughout the rental, and a personalized approach to each user are just the beginning. It is for these reasons that more and more companies are opting for long-term car rental instead of leasing. You can visit this website to learn more.

3. Special price for regular customers

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Given that every car rental agency has a record of users of their services, it is quite logical to offer regular customers certain benefits, whether it is a lower rental price per day or free days of vehicle use.

4. Avoid renting at the airport

Keep in mind that renting is always more expensive at the airport, and many prefer to take a taxi to the company’s headquarters to rent a car. The reason why the price is higher is usually mandatory fees and charges at the airport.

5. But also to the desired address

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Please note that the rental price will be different (not in your favor!) If you are looking to pick up a car at a specific location. Also, the price will be different if you do not return the vehicle to the place from which you picked it up, but to another place that suits you better.

6. Compare prices on weekends and weekdays

The rental price on weekdays and weekends often varies, so the price is slightly higher on weekends. If you are not tied to a specific day or date and want to go as cheap as possible, choose a working day.

7. Avoid extra insurance

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Car rental officials often warn that your insurance may not cover everything. They invite you to purchase additional company rules that will leave you worry-free. According to CarInsuRent, those added insurance costs can double your cost, so be absolutely sure they are needed before you agree to make a purchase.

Final thoughts

The rent-a-car service – generally one of the most popular rental services – is preferred by a growing number of people, tourists, and business people. There are no longer any rules that are a hit in the months in which most vehicles are rented – because prices have fallen in recent years and renting has become more affordable and therefore more frequent.

If you pay for the car online, read all the conditions well before confirming your reservation. If you rent a car by phone or at a branch, ask your sales consultant in detail about all the conditions and possible costs, because, as we mentioned, there are often hidden costs. In any case, take enough time for this search, do not hesitate to ask anything that interests you.

Car rental companies may charge you additional taxes, parking fees, additional driver registration, additional insurance, travel to another country, mileage, certain equipment in the vehicle (navigation), and even charge you more depending on your age, on the principle the younger, the more expensive.

In principle, you should rather choose large and reputable companies whose advantage is in the larger number of branches and cars to choose from. Even if you have no experience with renting a car, agents of quality Rent-a-car houses will help you.