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Tips for Improving Your Facebook’s Organic Reach


Any changes of the Facebook algorithm and the rules is the new stress for most users especially for those engaged in marketing on social networks. Most recent change has led to a steep drop in organic reach on Facebook pages.

For those who do not know, it’s about that unpaid reach which is seen by people who “liked” you. Now is that organic reach down to 2%, which means that as a rule, if you have 10,000 fans on Facebook your publishing in most cases will be “barely” seen by 200 people. It is simple, Facebook reduced organic reach to increase and encourage you to pay advertising.

The difference between organic and paid reach can be best illustrated by the example that your news feed can be viewed by your fans only as an elite club members in which not everyone can enter. At the entrance are the guards that you can bribe (paid reach), or you can charm and impress (organic reach). It’s up to you to be imaginative or to be “Jack” who pays. It’s up to you whether you invest money, it is actually faster, but more expensive, or find a way and try to increase organic reach with the various methods which are available.

When publishing content on your Facebook page, it is best to put yourself in the role of your “audience”, ie. People that already follow you on Facebook. Would you publish something what will be interesting to them. This is the best way to determine whether your content may interest your users. To improve organic reach you can offer your followers on Facebook a helpful tips from your profession that may interest them.

It is very important that when communicating with your fans that you not to be very “formal”, but to use more friendly style and followers will feel like they know you and will identify with you. The best way to get a friendly style is to ask your fans questions. They will then feel important, and will write responses, and like your post, which will lead to a greater organic reach. Also, it is very important that in communication to illustrate what you want to say with the help of images. Images will make your followers interested in something that is in the form of photos, not what is written and describes it.

Since Facebook almost “daily” change its rules and algorithm, we can and must only adapt to the current situation. You can have a publication which you published 12 hours ago, and that was interesting and viewed by approx. 5,000 people (organic, because you are not paying anything). However, if you insert coins (a few dollars) in advertising, you will automatically increase organic reach too, and it will not stay at “only” 5,000 but will grow a few times, because your publication will be liked, commented, shared, which leads to its increase. It is best to publish some post, to see whether it is effective in organic, and then sponsore it with a few dollars. Posts, which have not made some results in organic, be sure that it will not give some effects when it’s paid, and you will spend a huge amount of funds.

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