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5 Things Your IQ Score Doesn’t Tell You

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We are all used to taking tests, regardless of whether it’s SAT or in the form of an essay, but one stands out as there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t know about the IQ test. Namely, it’s a test to measure people’s reasoning ability, which is also why its results cause so much confusion, as people do not interpret it in the right way. So, let’s go through things that your IQ score doesn’t tell you.

How to measure it?

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Many IQ tests have appeared throughout history, but not all of them have been good enough to be used even today. However, many of them are still popular, and specialists around the world use them to measure peoples’ IQs for various purposes. It is necessary to help select people suitable for the military and certain jobs with high responsibility, but most people are simply curious and want to know this score. Setting an appointment with a professional can sometimes be pretty challenging, and it requires time and going to their office, which makes many people nervous, but luckily, there is a way to check our IQ without leaving our home. All we need to do is to find a reliable test online, finish it and get our results in a few minutes, so if you do not know where to look for the best one, visit https://iq-global-test.com/.

1. It’s not about practical intelligence

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This one confuses so many people because as soon as people hear that someone has a high IQ, they instantly think that person knows everything and, more importantly, knows how to use that knowledge in a practical way. The reality is much different because there is more than one type of cleverness, meaning that just because someone got a high score on their IQ test doesn’t necessarily imply that they are able or even know how to use that knowledge.

Of course, people with high scores have a much deeper understanding of certain things and process all the info in a much more productive and different way than others, and that’s what separates those with low and high scores. Besides that, just because someone knows in detail how some things work doesn’t mean they know how to make them work.

It’s not about creativity, as these tests are more about curiosity and the ability to come to the right conclusion logically and fast.

2. People mature at a different pace

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Every human being on this planet is unique, and we all deal with certain situations, problems, and even emotions in different ways, mentally and emotionally. We can say the same about how fast people mature, and IQ doesn’t have anything to do with it. Namely, most people with extremely high IQ have problems understanding the emotionality of others. That lack of empathy is yet another common thing, and all of that happens because IQ doesn’t measure your emotional intelligence. That is why some people are extremely smart and are experts in their field but are quiet individuals who don’t want exposure or feel uncomfortable interacting with others. Emotional growth comes with time and experience, and it’s something that comes with experience as it is also something that can be learned, and emotional development happens at different stages of life for each one of us.

3. A high IQ score doesn’t mean you will succeed

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There are many false beliefs about IQ and what it means, and probably the most common one is about people believing that a high IQ means how you will achieve and succeed in everything you set your mind to. It’s needless to say that this is wrong, as, once again, curiosity is actually the one that connects everything and brings to life new ideas and solutions. Curiosity, good habits, perseverance, and a strong work ethic, is the best-proven way to succeed in life, and intelligence is just one small part of it.

4. It cannot tell how creative you are

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Creative people make our world a much happier and prettier place, and without them, everything would be boring and monotonous, so many people are interested in factors that determine whether someone will be creative and how to measure it. There are different types of intelligence, and, by measuring them, we can understand someone’s creativity, but standard IQ tests cannot tell us how creative someone is and can be.

Creativity is something special and unique, so no one can put it into numbers and measure it in any way.

5. It is not unchangeable

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Although many people are convinced that once measured IQ score is unchangeable and it is enough to check it only once in a lifetime, the truth is different. We need to disappoint you, but if the kid is extremely bright and has high results, it does not necessarily need to mean that they will have them as an adult too. Many factors can affect it, and since some are too serious, like a lot of stress, illness, poverty, and much more, some of them can be trivial at first glance. Regarding that, decreasing the IQ scores can affect bad nutrition, and kids who eat unhealthy food in the first three years of their lives are more likely not to achieve their full potential.


We all want to be smart and successful in our lives in every field, and it is something that we hope that our children will succeed in and we all agree that an IQ score can tell us a lot, so the higher it is, the better for us, but we need to understand that it is not everything. A lower score does not necessarily mean that someone will not have a fulfilled life full of joy, and they will not be successful in it. Success is relative, and while for someone, it is to work in a famous company, for others, it is to help people grow into amazing people. Because of that, it is important to understand that although some numbers can tell us a lot about us, it does not mean they can tell us all.