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The Ultimate Guide To Skype Interview

Skype Interview Tips

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For big number of people, Skype interview is¬†practically unknown territory. When you have the interview through camera and on PC or laptop, you’re starting to feel a bit nervous. But in reality, it’s really simple. Many of the rules that apply for real face to face interview are also used here. That means being on time ( be online and logged in on time ), be dressed professionally and practice some speech preparation. Candidates who’s applying for job and interviewers are not being in the same room but still, let’s say you don’t want to present yourself in a messy environment if you want to be hired by the manager of company. The truth is that even the simple tips can make big difference.

If you are new in technology field or not really good, create your account in advance so that you can practice calling friends over Skype. This can help you to become less nervous, and even make you feel comfortable.¬†Another small suggestion, which can really be important is making sure you’re in environment that is quiet. If you don’t live alone and there are other people in your home, let them now what time you’re going to be on Skype so they don’t interrupt you. Many people are working from their home offices, so for example their hair might not be combed, or beard too long. When you have Skype interview, the bottom half of you will be hidden but it’s best to be fully dressed from head to toe. What if you need to stand up for something? But also, don’t forget that being fully dressed also has a psychological aspect because it will help you to switch on to professional mode.

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Your first videos on Skype will probably look a bit awkward but don’t worry. Talk with friend and practice 1 on 1 speech with him, record it and later you can fully analyze the tape. You can repeat this process as much as you need, until you are fully comfortable with the final outcome. Do not forget to put a smile on your face! You would probably smile when you arrive in real person interview, so try to maintain pleasant expression of your face during the time of interview. This is of course harder with remote interviews like this on Skype, but make sure you don’t look like you’re just staring with your eyes wide open. Smiling is one of best ways to break some ice, and even though the interviewer can’t see you in real world your smile can still get through.

Stay present in the interview. I suppose you have probably heard about active listening. When you are talking on the phone with someone you give clues from time to time that you’re on the line and listening. No one likes to speak to the silence. The good thing about having Skype interview is that you can cheat in a way. Well, I mean you don’t have to remember every sentence you wanted to say. You can have written notes in front of you close, and the interviewer will not know this. This of course doesn’t mean that you can read everything from there so make sure to be familiar with material. One last thing, address tech problems if you have, and do it immediately. There’s a big chance that you or other side can experience glitches, be it from garbled signals, weak connection or interference.