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The Rise Of Video Conferencing

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The Rise of Video Conferencing

With the coming of new technology, video conferencing is always rising. Operating through video conferences can keep connected both employees, and managers. They can deliver progress of company, some of the precisely instructions if needed, and it’s very effective way of communicating. Recent studies that included more then 1000 business people in over 120 countries shown that method of video conferencing is the third one as one of the best options company can use for communication. Many of people that were interviewed said they are positively assured that in the near future, video conferencing will become first and most important method of communication in business world. Many companies are using it as a way of cutting their travel expenses. Did you knew that Vodafone company had saved almost 14,000 flights in one year by using video conferencing?

This type of technology is very interesting as it gives you a feeling you’re sitting with those people in the same room at the same desk but you really are in totally different countries or cities. Participants in companies are seeing each other almost as life sized images that are being projected on big LCD or LED screens. Technology allowed  enhancing of camera and sound coverage so they can hear and see each other so clearly. It’s not just big business companies that are using this technology.  There are companies like Marriott International which are installing entire suites for telepresence public using in many hotels around the world. Key points when it comes to this kind of communication is having eye to eye contact, clear visibility of other participants, and they are easy to use. Mayor companies are using video conferencing at least once or twice a week. The biggest rising of using is in India, Singapore and Brazil. It’s not just office where business people are making calls, they can do it from the comfort of their home.

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Video conferencing is greatly optimized for business operations. Think of it, when you send emails they can sometimes become easily misinterpreted because there is no real communication, when leaders of businesses are using video conferencing they will make sure everybody understand what’s being said to them and questions can be answered in no time. It works in a similar way when you are using Skype or any other video chatting software. You can see and talk with your loved ones that are far away. People who are also busy with travelling all the time can keep connected to their company from their own laptop or other personal devices.

While most people can agree with thought that when it’s time for completing new deals,  nothing can compare and compete with real human face to face interaction with handshaking the person you’re dealing with, I think that video conferences are becoming one of most important aspects in business world. Technology is advancing so rapidly and in future so it’s only logical to think that this will become even more valuable and available professional solution for companies around the world.