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The Power of Professional Resume

professional resume

There is no perfect resume that will provide you job, but there are a few basic rules that must be followed. A good and professional resume should be clear but also creative in order to achieve your goal, draw the attention of the employer and provide him with information that will make him want to include you in the ‘inner circle’ and invite for an interview.

1. Truthfulness

Pay attention to the authenticity of the information you provide in your CV. False information, as well as those on which you would be embarrassed to talk during the interview, you should definitely avoid.

2. Length and objectivity

Depending on your experience, a resume may be one, two or more pages. If you do not have substantial work experience and your CV is thus short, do not overdo it in a lengthy presentation of other information. It is important put all the details objectively, in hints and possibly with a brief explanation. In the interview you will be given the opportunity to explain more details..

3. The order of specifying information

Information on education and work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, using technical terms but avoid excessive use of abbreviations (points to negligence).

4. Orderliness and spelling

Resume that is written on the computer, preferably in a table format. We recommend using the same fonts, same size. Every professional resume must be grammatically correct.

5. Sending by e-mail

If you are applying via e-mail, save the document with the extension .rtf or .pdf (instead of .doc) to avoid the possibility of sending a virus which can delete your resume before someone read it.

After you finish writing your CV, review it again and ask another person (friend, parents, colleagues ..) to read it to find any errors and ambiguities.

When it comes to choosing design for your professional resume, there is often a question: “Should I do it myself or it’s better to turn to professionals?”. Well, it totally depends on your goals. This infographic below explains the benefits of choosing a professional resume writing service:

professional resume design


Below we picked for you some great resume templates for download, so you can easily start with writing without worry if it looks professional:

Professional Resume Template

professional resume template

Preview and download here.

The Resume

professional resume

Preview and download here.

Simple Resume

simple resume

Preview and download here.

Blueish Resume


Preview and download here.


creative professional resume

Preview and download here.