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The Future Of Online Schools

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The Future Of Online Schools

Now, in the twenty-first century, while technology is rapidly evolving, soon enough the way students are learning will be totally reinvented. Anyone from anywhere in the world, will be able to connect to the global network of information. We could say that in the near future, online schooling is going to explode. Today’s world is really fast, because people are jumping between jobs, spending time with families, living lifestyles and for many young people most important, educate. Having the opportunity to attend school online is for many people the only option, this is the biggest reason why online schools are growing. With so many new schools, finding the one right for you is not an easy task as it was before.

Can you imagine that in not so distant future, there is a possibility that the college professor is teaching students in a full classroom but he’s not really there because it is actually his hologram appearing at desk. Even though this might now sound little too far stretched, this time will come. One thing is for sure. Public and private schools are both keeping up with newest technology as soon as it’s available, for the reason to keep the competition. There are many benefits and advantages of online school. It can eliminate awkward feelings for shy or introverted students when communicating face to face. It also gives the instructor and student total freedom. Online schools are going to be necessary, not just exciting. Augmented and virtual reality are furiously taking over educational systems, and enhancements can go to infinity and beyond.

Online schools today

Technology is today allowing students to earn their degree, without actually having the need to step into real classrooms. Students can now learn even through their smartphones. In 1996, only 14% of classrooms had access to the internet through dial up. In 2009, 93% of school classrooms were connected online. Programs for online learning are now supported in 48 states in America. In US, online courses are especially rising, this is not surprise as 95% of institutions are having an option for online class.  Of over 20 million college students, 7 million of them are already participating in various online learning courses. All the way up from chalkboards to ebooks, technology and innovations played big part in school classrooms over the centuries.

I think the time that is coming is very exciting, not only for school system but for any fan of technology. Students all around the world will have access to any subject in any language. I look at this to a point where kids are taking classes online and think that this is not unusual at all. They think this is so natural, fitting into their normal life vision. Like with every new technology, this system has its own disadvantages and advantages, soon enough, we’ll see how it’s going to fit in education.