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The Elements of a High Quality Website


Everyone would like to have their own website and it can be really simple to make one, but you have to make it good. If you are planning to earn something from your website then it must have good design and it should be optimized. In other words, your website should have high quality. What are the most important parts for achieving high quality? And why you can’t earn with less quality website? Keep reading to find out.

Why is quality website important?


Everyone uses internet today and whatever someone needs it can be found online. And when someone tries to find something on search engine that is related to your business try to make sure that your website will show up at the first result but it will also look good. The way your page looks is very important because that will give the first impression to your visitors. Imagine that you open site and everything is messy and doesn’t look good, that is not a good first impression. And that’s exactly why your website must have good quality, to attract visitors from the first time they enter the site.
Your website should be clean, well-organized and easy to navigate. Layout and design should be modern and all the important information should be visible. Website must look good in all browser and should be responsive so it looks good on other devices like smartphones and tablets. Make sure to correct all grammatical errors, fix blurry images and pick a good font that matches the background. Those are just some basic tips to make a nice first impression but you must do a lot more to impress visitors. But first, I will give you some tips on how to make quality website based on Google standards.

Quality website tips

This part is not directly connected to making a good first impressions to your visitors. It is more about how to create a good quality website for Google search engine and get a good rank there because what’s the point of great design when no one will see it, right?

Two most important words in the world of Google search engines are Panda and Penguin.


If you never heard about this don’t worry because you are surely not the only one but it is important that you understand everything about this before you create a website. Do you know that there are about 700 million websites on the internet? Well, Google had to figure out some rules that will help to divide bad websites from good ones. That’s exactly the goal of Panda and Penguin. The main goal of everyone’s website is to attract visitors and then earn money from it. If you want to succeed you will have to follow Google rules. There rules can be very confusing but if you learn them well you will do a good job with every website. But, what exactly are Panda and Penguin?

  • Google Panda is a system that must search for bad websites. Bad websites are ones with duplicate or bad content on website.
  • And the job of Google Penguin is to check for backlinks, anchor links and link tactics.

There are few main rules and tips about good Google optimized content but we will tell you about three:

  1. Originality

If your site isn’t original it will be lost in the crowd of the same sites. Also, if you duplicate some content from other sites you won’t achieve a good rank and website will be defined as low quality. That will leave you without any earnings and website will not be useful anymore.

  1. Content


So, understand why you need to be original? Good, now that you know that you must know that your content must be very good. If you write some great article then it will probably attract more people and some of them will even publish your link to other people. That is the goal of quality content because it will help you with link building on natural way.

  1. Link Building

Except for already mentioned natural link building made when users share your articles you should also make sure to create great content and quality website because that will attract some bigger and more important pages and they could include your link on their site. And then the visitors of their site could include your link and the chain goes on.


So, that’s mostly it for this chapter. Also make sure to promote your site on social media pages.

Elements of high quality website

So, created a website based on Google rules? Very good, but you’re not done yet. Maybe you conquered Google, but the most important part, visitors, are still free. It is very important to impress your visitors with the website quality. Like we mentioned before, grammar errors, blurred images, little or even too much information are all the stuff that will not impress your visitors. Too fix everything you must understand what are the elements of high quality website and then you should put lots of time and hard work into the website to make it impressive.

10 most important elements of high quality website are:

  1. Relevance & context

Google algorithm can easily understand the quality of your content and is it relevant and if it’s good your rank will be better.

  1. Content length

The best rule is to have at least 900 words on one page. The ideal length for Google is between 2,000 and 2,450+ words and for readers ideal length is about 1,600 words.

  1. Images and video

High quality website in top rankings should have about 7 images on one page. Videos and images make the page more interesting to visitors.

  1. Grammar & spelling

As I already mentioned, bad grammar and common mistakes will make you look bad and unprofessional not only to visitors, but to search engines too.

  1. Readability

Your content should be easily understood. You should use shorter sentences and divide more text into paragraphs because large number of text that goes on line after line can be hard to read.

  1. Formatting

To format your site on the right way you should always use H1 and H2 tags, number lists and bullets when writing your content.

  1. Expertise

You should always write detailed posts which you researched before. Give examples for some parts of your post and it is good to give links to other content that is related to yours.

  1. Social media shares

Always include social media icons on places where they will be easily accessible. If you content is shared more the chances to get high ranking are better.

  1. Google internal and external links

You should always build a nice internal link architecture and make links only to related pages. Always add anchor text to the URL and place some external links that will give more resources about your article to visitors.

  1. Quality of comments

Every site with large number of comments can be considered as high quality website. Also make sure to have a tool to stop spam comments because they can hurt your ranking.

You can find more detailed information about all 10 elements in the infographic below.


So, I hope you learned everything you need to know to create a high quality, Google friendly website that will bring you some money. Good luck.