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The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Ad


Why do you need Instagram Ad?

Community of Instagram has 400 million users, who daily upload more than 80 million photos and video content. Instagram users follows others private profiles but also brands too… Most of the users of Instagram are younger age group. If your brand, service or product is mainly designed for the younger population, Instagram is the perfect place to advertise. Power Editor on Insagram provides you with detailed insight into user demographics, their interests and their behavior. In this way, users can be segmented according to different characteristics, so we’re talking about very targeted advertising.

When you registering a new profile, Instagram requires only basic information and although the possibility of targeting the same public as for Facebook campaigns there are users who do not have the associated Instagram and Facebook profile which allows you to sync other details. But there is no reason for concern because the number of such users is negligible so you can rely on data from the Power Editor.

Previous studies have shown that advertising on Instagram does not directly contribute to significantly increase sales, but benefit is certainly an increase in brand awareness. It should be noted that the majority of users use the mobile version of Instagram, so you should therefore take care of the design, as well as the effects of such a format in the process of purchase, ie. The reservation.

There are available 3 Instagram ad formats for 4 objectives:

  • increasing the number of visits to web sites
  • increasing the number of video views
  • branding company, product or service
  • increasing the number of installations of applications for smart devices.

How to make a good Instagram ad?

When selecting visuals, you should take into account the identification of visual solutions to your brand and target audience. It is known already that Instagram users can publish video to 15 seconds in duration, but with video ads situation is somewhat different – a video ad can take up to 30 seconds. This infographic below from Bannerwatch names the necessary elements of a successful Instagram ad. It encourages brands to look through the goggles of designers and advertisers. Below you can find key questions to ask before you post, and some no-no’s to stay away from.