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How Technology is Innovating Sports in 2024


Sports fans follow their idols on social networks, coaches use applications to improve the performance of their players, and there are a lot benefits that technological advances can provide for athletes.

Sport has always fascinated people. Even in ancient Greece, athletes are especially revered and celebrated. But in the last hundred years, the sport of amateur sphere joins professional and lately the professional sphere looks more like science fiction.

Technological innovations have changed the daily lives of people. Today it is almost impossible to make out what in sport is a result of technological innovation, and what’s left of the ‘old’ sport. From cameras that record every corner of the court, over modern materials that allow athletes to be faster and more agile through to chip in the balls that monitor their movements and signal the judges.

Once it was running in a local park and push-ups in sweaty gyms. It’s not that classic training is a thing of the past but Rocky with his jogging and raw egg, today would not have a chance in the ring.

Sport has become a branch of computer science and robotics, athletes are taking biometric pills, swimmers wear aerodynamic suits, others wear nanomaterials against injury. The Japanese works on computer models of ideal slalom, and in Texas scientists are working on the production of the first synthetic muscles that contacts 30,000% per second, as opposed to our 20. Of course, there are the high-resolution media which is following sporting events and is no longer more important just to participate or even to win – it also must look attractive enough. Below is an infographic which shows how technology is innovating sports: