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Tanning Mom Becomes A Rapper

“It’s Tan Mom, Bitch,” are the first words of a new single by Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil and Adam Barta, RumorFix has confirmed.

“I took all the lyrics and what was written in front of me and I scrambled it up and I put my own words into the song,” Patricia tells RumorFix exclusively.

The woman, who became famous for her deep tan, says she rapped for the new single in a studio last Thursday in New York.

She says parts of “It’s Tan Mom” are knock offs of other songs like Rihanna’s “Diamonds In The Sky.” Patricia admits it took a while to get the perfect sound, but she says it was “so much fun.”

And for the occasion, she says, she got all dolled up and wore a Marilyn Monroe dress.