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How to Build a Supportive Community of Sugar Babies to Lean On

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Although being a sugar baby is definitely rewarding, it can also be challenging in ways some aren’t quite prepared for. You run into dating challenges that are unique to any you’ve experienced before. Sugaring also comes alongside its share of perks, rewards, and memorable moments that really wouldn’t be relatable to anyone other than another sugar baby.

That’s exactly why it’s so beneficial to have a network of other sugar babies and sugar-friendly folks you can talk to and trade ideas with. After all, you’d probably seek one out in relation to any other lifestyle or interest you’re into, right? Why should sugaring be any different? Here’s a look at how you can get the ball rolling.

Check social media for existing groups

Social media has always been an excellent place for like-minded individuals to come together, swap stories, and go when they need to feel seen or heard. Facebook can be an especially great place to find groups attached to almost any interest under the sun.

Try checking to see if there’s already an open, active sugar support group for sugar babies in your region, state, or general area. If there is, join and start getting to know some of the members. And if there isn’t, why not create one? Such a group could potentially be a great resource for organizing meetups, making sugar friends, exchanging dating suggestions, and more.

Comb the web for sugar resources


Truly great sugaring resources aren’t always easy to find, and it’s not hard to understand why. Many sugar babies do their sugaring on the down-low and don’t necessarily want their friends, family, or professional network to know about it. For that reason, most never really reach a point where they’re thinking about providing resources to help other sugar babies get the hang of things.

That doesn’t mean the resources aren’t out there, though. You just might have to sharpen your sleuthing skills a bit to find the really good ones, Sugar Search is of course a fantastic resource. And if you’re an out and proud sugar baby with a decent body of sugaring knowledge, why not create some resources of your own? You’re bound to hear from grateful sugar babies who are so glad you did.

Start a sugar blog

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Although impartial resources are great for getting the most out of your time in the sugar bowl, sometimes there’s nothing like a first-person account from someone who’s personally been there. That’s why sugar blogs maintained by individual sugar babies can be so valuable.

They’re also beautiful ways to meet and network with other sugar babies. Imagine hearing from other women who thought they were alone in experiencing a particular challenge until they read your blog or knowing you’ve really helped someone else get more out of the whole sugar experience. Sugar blogging can also be a great outlet for the sugar baby who’s doing it.

Get your friends onboard

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If you’re personally out of the sugar closet (either partially or entirely), then the chances are pretty good that you’ve talked to at least a handful of your friends about sugar dating. Have any of them expressed an interest in hearing more about it? Or do you have specific friends you think might do exceptionally well in the sugar bowl?

Reach out to them and ask whether they’d like to know a little more about sugaring and how to get started. Then offer to show them the ropes. Most people are super curious about the things their friends are doing but don’t necessarily know how to ask for more information. Bringing interested friends into the sugar bowl is a great way to gain the support you all really need.

Think outside the box

Keep in mind that a supportive sugar baby network doesn’t necessarily need to be strictly about sugaring and nothing else. Sure, it’s nice to have a group of other people you can turn to for great advice, commiseration, and all sorts of other sugar-related things. But really, a sugar meetup, group, or network can be about pretty much anything you want.

The whole idea is just to create a safe space where sugar-minded people can come together and be themselves. No one has to worry about accidentally mentioning something sugar-centric in front of the wrong crowd or being judged for making what’s honestly an intelligent and completely valid life choice.

Within that space, you can do anything you like. You can start a book club, organize movie nights, or do just about anything else you can think of. It’s OK if you’re only interested in sugar networking as a way to meet understanding friends, too. The friends you make with other sugar babies could well turn out to be some of the best of your life, so don’t be afraid to embrace the opportunity.