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What Is the Most Stressful Thing About Moving House?

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Whenever there is a topic of moving an entire home from point A to point B, there is some kind of unsettlement in the air and you can feel the tension and worries build up.

No human on earth can state that moving your entire life from one home, which you spent years in, to another isn’t stressful and worrying. You can’t tell me that starting from scratch somewhere else isn’t something to be worried about. Moving your entire life, your stuff that has settled in one or two spots over time is and must be something that doesn’t make you comfortable at all.

All of us that have moved probably had and still have these feelings. It doesn’t matter if you move for the first time after a while, or you are moving third or fourth time in several years, you will always have those worries about everything getting where it is supposed to get, everything remaining in one piece, nothing is broken or lost, nothing is forgotten and so on. For this to be as worry-free as possible you need organisation but you also need a good moving company which you can find if you read more here.

Today, as you can see, the topic is stress and what is the most stressful thing about moving. Stick with us till the end to find out, and send us your opinions on what should be on this list if we forgot about it.

1. Budget concerns

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Whenever we are moving, we need to plan expenses for this. For most of you that are moving for the first time it is expected to make a miscalculation about these fees, and it wouldn’t be realistic to expect that first-timers plan every expense down to a cent. The best thing we can advise is to research everything so you prepare the best. Look for different moving companies, ask around with friends and neighbours about their experiences and expenses, and based on all that you can be at least a little more prepared than you would be otherwise.

Set aside some money for this and if possible, set aside more than your project just in case so you don’t hit any unexpected costs and don’t have enough money to cover them.

2. Time and schedule

Time and scheduling are the biggest stressful thing that happens to 90% of the population. Time and schedules, without even being tied to moving, tend to produce anxiety and stress among people. Now that you have to move into the mix it slowly grows into something most of us hate. We are always on the run, we always are on a tight schedule, we don’t have enough time to plan everything and we are always behind our plans and goals. One thing that most of us do when moving is take extra time off work just to organize better and plan everything according to available time, making us earn less pay during that period. This only adds to the stress and makes us even more anxious.

3. Work amount

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Some believe that moving your life from one home to another is simple as packing up your things, getting everything in boxes, boxes in your car and moving trucks and going to the new place. The amount of work we all have when moving is incredible and it ranges from filling out tons of paperwork, packing everything up, figuring out the ways to transport, finding the best moving company, finding a new place if you haven’t, planning a budget for everything and so on. There are so many things that fall into this category that only add to the overall stress that it is unbelievable. Another thing to worry about when work is involved in the work you need to put in to make the home you are getting out of the same way it was when you moved in. That can mean anything from small repairs to painting or replacing things.

4. Change

This is one of the biggest things on this list and probably the one thing that makes 100% of people anxious when it comes to moving. We are all subject to our routines and we all enjoy the snug life we create for ourselves when we stay in one place for a long period. What happens when that snug bubble pops and when you need to move from everything you held dear and everything familiar?! What happens when you need to change a city or even a country. Anxiety and stress that affects people from this are incredible and, in some cases, it can be so big that it causes all kinds of issues.

5. Pets and kids

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If you needed more things to be stressed and worried about, we got you covered. Just kidding, but kids and pets are an additional worry that people who have to move always have. Pets and small children are not as easy to adapt as we are. There are numerous things you need to prepare in advance, you need to talk to children and explain to them what is going on. There are all kinds of issues you will come across and most of them will be out of your knowledge on how to handle them. Patience is the best friend here and a lot of talking and explanation will be needed so prepare for that, or you just might have a lot of stress on your hands, both yours and from your children or pets.

Is there anyone else that believes that moving isn’t stressful?! Is there anyone else now that can claim it is easy?! There are always things that will make you anxious and stressed out no matter how cool and prepared you to think you are. If you are by yourself when moving, you only have to fight yourself. If you are moving with a family, you will have all of your family members to worry about, all of them will have their issues and fears, stress and you will have to be a psychiatrist, husband/spouse, father/mother and a lot more if you want the move to go the best way possible. All we can suggest is to be prepared for anything possible and research as much as possible so nothing can surprise you.