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5 Tips for Staying Safe When Chatting Online – 2020 Guide

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Social media represent the main method to communicate with other people, and there are many benefits from that since you can easily stay in contact with your friends and family that lives in some other city or country. Also, you can use Facebook, Instagram, and other similar services to meet new people and share your opinions, photos, videos, and more. There are some apps and websites specially designed for finding a potential partner, such as Badoo, Tinder, OkCupid, and others. Moreover, you can use chattoday.com if you are interested in finding new people to chat with over the internet.

On the other hand, you have to know that their many dangers present on the internet, and you should know how to avoid any issues and unpleasant situations. First of all, you should avoid unknown websites and download potentially malicious content that could damage your device. Aside from that, since a lot of people are using various dating apps and sites or standard social networks to find a potential partner, you should know some ways to improve your safety when chatting with people you don’t know in public. Here are some important tips for staying safe when chatting online.

1. Check Photos and List of Friends

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There are thousands of fake accounts on social media, and you have to find a way to make sure that you are not in contact with someone who is using fake names and pictures. That is the first thing you should do when you connect with some strangers online. People who are using fake accounts often try to lure people into sending them their private videos, pictures, addresses, or even details of bank accounts, and much more. Also, when you get an invite to connect with some stranger, but there are no mutual friends between you, ask that person for a reason for following your account and sending you messages. Moreover, if it is just someone interested in you even if you never met in person, be sure to check the list of friends and followers, and if you notice a great number of fake accounts in connections, it would be best to avoid chatting with that person. In case you are constantly getting unwanted messages, you can always block any account.

2. Never Share Your Personal Information

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The modern apps that we are using today allow us to chat with people from all around the world. Sharing your opinions, funny stories, or flirting with total strangers can be very interesting. However, you should avoid sharing any personal information with anyone that you never met in private. For example, someone could create a fake profile by using your photos and name, which could lead to some embarrassing situations as well as some much bigger problems. In that matter, you should avoid any sort of private data on your social media accounts, such as an address, phone number, current location, and more. Also, use a unique and strong password and set-up proper privacy settings.

3. Check Their Identity

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If you are not sure that a person that you are chatting with online is trustful, there are some ways to check whether it is using a fake identity. You can choose to be more discrete by searching for the name of that connection online and compare photos with the ones on the account. If you are not able to find any pictures with that person while using Google, that might be a reason to doubt that the account is fake. Furthermore, you can ask that stranger to continue your chat over a webcam. Almost every chatting service has the ability for a video chat. Also, every smartphone has a selfie camera, which means that there are no reasons for it to reject your request for a video chat. In that matter, if somebody constantly rejects video calls, that might mean that the profile is fake.

4. Meeting in Person

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Never rush with the decision to meet someone that you met online in public. Spend some time chatting, sharing your thoughts, and become sure that the other side is not trying to lure you into something you don’t like or scam you in any way. Even if you are interested in finally meeting someone you know only over social media, be sure to choose someplace in public with a lot of people around. Also, if you notice that the other side is insisting on some other location for some reason, ask for a proper explanation. Taking a friend with you might be the best choice to feel more secure and relaxed.

5. Follow Your Intuition

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Since you are not sure whether your recent contact is fake or not, you should spend some time while chatting with it, and if you are interested in the conversation and find that person intriguing, don’t rush with becoming too open or determined to find each-other in private. The other side is maybe trying to attract you and get you deceived. Creating a fake account is simple these days when you can easily collect photos of some random stranger and present it as another person. Therefore, if you notice anything strange in messages you get, like insisting on some private pictures and videos, think twice before you lean on to that level of confidence with someone you never met.

Last Words

The main point of social media is to have fun and the ability to stay in contact with your friends and family. Also, you can use these sites along with dating apps to find a potential partner. However, always have in mind that there are scammers and people who would try to deceive you or lure you into some unpleasant situation. In that matter, be sure to use all of these services only on your terms and in your favor. Various platforms where you can chat with people you don’t know can be a great way to learn more about other cultures and places and hear some interesting stories. As long as you are aware of potential threats of online chatting, you don’t need to worry about any potential issues.