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Statistics About E-commerce Consumer Psychology

Statistics about e-commerce consumer psychology

Statistics about e-commerce consumer psychology

From personal experience, we are aware that one of the biggest and crucial things for the success of webpage is its speed, especially if it’s e-commerce oriented. But, aside from this there are many other aspects that play big part in the behavior of your website customers. If you go deep enough, you will understand that most of the behavior of customers goes down to the human psychology. So when you start to understand better how people are interacting or navigating online, you can more easily develop and design website by that principles. It is important to figure out by yourself what are the product that customers want to buy.

Videos in e-commerce

There are few changes in 2016 when it comes to e-commerce. Fist of all, 96% of consumers said that videos are being really helpful when they decide whether to buy something online or not. Also 93% of customers online said that videos are very useful for comparing products.

Did you know that there is almost 13% increase in conversions if you just replace pictures with videos? Around 58% of visitors will say that company is more trustworthy if they produce video. So judging by only this, it’s very important to include video to your website. Even though there are more and more people buying online, some of consumers, actually 24% of them refuse to shop anything online cause they fear of online frauds. If you have Norton secured seal on webpage, sales of your products can increase in about 11%. If you don’t have any seal of trust put n place, around 60% of online customers will not finish the purchase, and that’s the big difference.

Customer service

Psychology of consumers is really surprising. It’s also important to see what types of customer services are offered through websites. Many of them offer online chatting and emails but still, 57% of people like to use phone as a way of vendor contacting. What’s even more, almost 70% of visitors judge your business by how good your customer service is.


Recent studies have shown that people are reading lots of reviews. Just 2 years ago in 2014, 80% of people read reviews online and it has gone up to high 92% last year. 40% of visitors said that they form their opinion about something based on reading up to 3 reviews.


If you include testimonials from customers who already bought something from you, it can increase conversion of visitors up to 34%. Almost 30% of consumers said that testimonials are really important for someones credibility, and if they are placed on the first leading page, conversions can be increased up to 50%.

Mobile optimization

Currently, one of biggest e-commerce trends is mobile optimization. 70% of customers online are using their smartphones to check out the prices of products all around. In addition to this, 75% of mobile users will leave the page if it’s not optimized for mobile use. Only in US, 84% of adults had difficulties when wanting to finish mobile transactions. This means that there are still many websites not properly optimized for mobile usage.

It’s crucial to understand the psychology of consumers. It also helps you to see how customers view and think of free shipping, discounts, coupons, the design of website and many other things when shopping online and the quality of whole experience.