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Social Media Infographic 2014 : Twitter Is The Fastest Growing Social Media Sharing Site

Twitter is the fastest growing social media sharing site

Each quarter, the social sharing platform ShareThis analyze data that looks at the sharing landscape — social networking report that the company says gives “insight into what, where and how consumers share online, which is not only a true indicator of interest and intent, but also a powerful way for publishers and advertisers to drive content and brand engagement.”
For this most recent quarter, Q1 of 2014, the report from ShareThis gives particular insight into Twitter’s bounce back, how we share on mobile, and how race factors into the sharing ecosystem.ShareThis infographic shows which social networks emerged as the fastest growing social sharing channels. Q1 social media infographic explains, that mobile usage grew 2.6 times more than desktop. Surprisingly Reddit became second fastest growing social channel.

iPhone vs. Android battle heats up: While the iPhone still holds the lead for the mobile device people use to share most often at 25 percent, Android smartphones are closing the gap at 17 percent, which was up at the end of the quarter from 15 percent in January 2014.
Age matters: Reddit attracts the youngest demographic with the highest number of 18-30 year olds sharing content, whereas LinkedIn and Facebook see the most activity from older users. Twitter and Pinterest sharers tend to be younger than Facebook and LinkedIn, but slightly older than those sharing on Reddit.
Hispanic consumers are driving growth in sharing: Sharing by Hispanic consumers, who make up the fastest-growing consumer group in the U.S., reinforced our findings from the Hispanic Consumer Study. Compared to African American and Caucasian sharers, Hispanic consumers shared most on Twitter with 42 percent growth and Reddit with 36 percent growth.

Below is an infographic from ShareThis that highlights some of the company’s findings from Q1 data. Scroll down Q1 social media infographic and check out some latest social media trends staristics: