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Latest Social Networking Statistics 2024

When the oldest and most conservative public figures (such as The Pope) become involved in the social media world, we can clearly state and confirm that the Internet is not a teen playground anymore. Social media is one of the most important marketing tools today. “Kittens and memes” study becomes more important than many conventional science and business to business practices. Just like the Pope on Twitter probably not really looking for new friends, but rather spreading the word of God, in other words – advertising old traditions and church business.

Social media infographics are enormously popular today. And we really shouldn’t be surprised. Social media infographic gives us detailed overview of social trends, and we can use that information for our social media marketing. Social media marketers constantly watching latest trends and trying to “squeeze” maximal results for their clients by using this information.

Instead of sharing someones else infographic, this time we decided to make our very own one. Data has been accumulated from trusted sources (mentioned on the bottom of the infographic) such as Techcrunch, SocialMediaToday, Statista, and great blogger Jeff Bullas.

Our main goal in creating this social media infographic was to place interesting and new facts next to each other. Information is easier to understand when it’s provided in a visual way. Therefore seeing a few align facts, we can better understand social trends and directions where social media is going to.