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4 Smart Ways to Use Lapel Pins – 2020 Guide

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Everywhere I go, I started to notice that lapel pins are coming back in style. And honestly, I love the idea that people have started to wear these types of pins. They are inexpensive, they look good and they can be combined with any kind of outfit. Why would anyone not want to wear this type of an accessory?

I believe that they will become even more popular in 2020 and in the next couple of years. So, if it is going to get trendy, I assume that you will want to know all the smart ways you can use them to your advantage. It does not matter whether it is for an outfit, to promote your business, or for your nonprofit organization.

However, you can just slap any kind of lapel pin on your jacket and hope that it looks good. It still requires a little bit of taste in style and planning to ensure that it will be properly combined with everything else you are wearing or trying to advertise. Your lapel pin will need to come with the right colors, the right shape, made out of the right material, and with the right logo.

To help you with all of this, I decided to write this guide for 2020 which will tell you about all the smart ways to use lapel pins.

Advertise your business

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There are many ways you can utilize this kind of accessory to your benefit. One of the most obvious benefits is the fact that you can use them to advertise your business for a very cheap price. In fact, it might be the most inexpensive type of advertising you can do. Of course, it will not be the marketing strategy that will bring you a lot of customers, but it will definitely have some effect on people.

Basically, all you have to do is just wear the pin and that is about it. Of course, you need to ensure that the pin bears the right colors and logo. You need to make the message as clear as possible.

So, when you order your custom lapel pins, make sure you pick the right design.

1. It is a unique marketing strategy

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One of the main reasons why this kind of marketing strategy could be so beneficial to your business is because it is very unique. I think it is quite rare to see a company using lapel pins for advertisement.

And that is a good thing. It might sound to you that it is not a good marketing strategy, but it actually does. As already said, it is very cost-effective, but very unique at the same time. People love to see things that are special, unique, or rare. Lapel pins will deliver exactly that.

2. Use them for team building and morale boost

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These types of pins can be made out of all kinds of different materials. It can be rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, or anything else you can think of. The possibilities for the type of material used are endless. You also have the option of adding any kind of design can think of.

These advantages make these little items a very good method for morale boosts and team building in your company.

How would that work?

Well, since lapel pins can be made out of gold, silver, or any other metal material, they can be great “medals”. They can serve a purpose as a reward or as a sign of a certain accomplishment.

Make several different pins that portray a different accomplishment and then you can start giving them out to the employees of your company. This will be a great morale boost and a way to build a stronger bond between a team.

So, whenever an employee reaches a certain milestone or does a certain accomplishment, you can award them with a well-made and well-designed lapel pin.

Keep in mind, your pins will need to follow a certain quality standard if you want your employees to be satisfied. You cannot provide them with some low effort-reward and expect them to be happy.

Do not worry, this will not hurt your company’s budget by a lot. In fact, you can easily find affordable customized pins as suggested by GSJJ. For 100 pieces, you probably will not have to spend more than $20. Although, the pricing can vary.

3. Fashion accessory

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Another very smart way to use this accessory is to just wear them as a fashion item. At first, it might not seem like a very essential addition to an outfit, but these little objects play a very important role. Even just a little pin can leave a very good impression. A great example is the president of the United States and maybe other politicians in the US government. Very often they combine a pin of the US flag with their outfits. Every president does. It might seem insignificant, but everyone notices this little detail.

Today, a lot of people are into this trend and are making all kinds of different customize lapel pins. I have seen celebrities, Instagram models, and influencers showing off their brand-new pins.

There is a very good reason why this kind of accessories coming back in style. Like I already said previously, it is inexpensive while being very aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is so easy to make one and to combine it with any kind of outfit.

Whether you plan on wearing a regular shirt, a T-shirt, or even a suit, you can wear a pin.

4. Conversation starter

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Behind every pin, there is some kind of a story. So, every smart way to utilize pins is to use them as a conversation starter. This is especially helpful for people that have trouble getting a conversation started in all kinds of social events.

Put on your favorite pin and think of some short story about it. Next time you meet someone, I am sure that they will mention it and ask you where you got it from.

I hope that after reading through this guide, you now understand how lapel pins can be used in a smart way.