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Sharing Tactics for Infographic


When you make an infographic you expect it to go viral. But it won’t go viral just by itself, you will have to work on it and put a lot of effort to make it viral. Luckily for you I am here to show you how to create an infographic that will be ready to go viral and then how to share it.

What exactly does viral mean? Well, viral promotion means that you will have the option to share infographic to their friends or on social networks. So imagine that you have one visitor who shares that infographic of yours. Five his friends see that and three of them share it again. Then five of those three see it and you already have 15 visitors. Five of them will share it and again and again. After few rounds of those your infographic has gone viral. There are two parts of viral sharing, both equally hard. First you have to create content that will be attractive and useful and create some desire for visitors to make them share it. And when you create that kind of content then you have to apply different tactics to make it go viral. It won’t be quick, it won’t be easy but it will be worth of your work.

Viral Sharing

Creating viral infographic

I decided to combine everything about creating a perfect viral infographic into four steps. So let’s begin.

  1. Content

You can’t do anything without the content. Make an idea and then convert it to some content. The data and information you put to infographic should be useful and trigger some actions with readers. But all that data you include isn’t enough, you have to create some emotions. It doesn’t matter what, it can be passion, sadness, amusement, anger or anything else but it important to include some of that. You should also give the readers some reason which will make them keep reading and want more details.

  1. Design

The next step is to combine all the data and information you want into attractive design. You can hire a professional, design it yourself or use some free programs and websites that will help you with that. Even if you have everything I mentioned in point 1, you still won’t be able to do anything if the design is not good and attractive. So take care of it.

  1. Social sharing

After you have done everything you need to put the content you want into perfectly designed infographic then you should have your own sharing plan so people can actually see what you made. If you just place that infographic somewhere and hope that someone will like it then you are doing it wrong. You need a plan! Here are some advices.


  • For Twitter you can download tool called Followerwonk which will help you to track who shared infographic. You will be able to find every user who published infographic and then it will be easier to send your work to people who would actually want to see it.
  • When you are sharing on Facebook then you can pay to make your own Facebook ad. In that way your post can be promoted and you could reach custom audiences which means your ad will show to people who should like that post.
  • Pinterest and Flickr are great sites where you should share the infographic you made. Optimize the tittle, place great keywords and publish your infographic.
  • There are also other sites like Instagram, LinkedIn or Tumblr but they don’t have such large amount of users and they are not optimized well for sharing infographic.
  1. Directories

And the last step would be to include your infographic to different directories. Just search it a little on Google and you will find a large number of directories that will allow you to share the infographic you made.

Viral sharing tactics

Now you know some basic steps on how to create and share infographic. But that is probably not why you came here. You came here to find some viral sharing tactics for your infographic because that will make it popular. Well, here are some great tactics that should work:

  1. Sharing tools

The first tactic is pretty obvious and I already said something about it before. When you make and publish your infographic make sure to place some sharing tools to it. Embed code for users will allow them to easily share it to different social networks and that will make more and more people see your work. You should also consider using tool called AddThis.

  1. Optimize it

You must optimize your infographic and the whole post because if you do it well people will find it later. Optimize keywords and don’t forget to include keyword “infographic” into it.

  1. SEO Press Release

Another great way to increase popularity of your infographic is to write a good press release that will be perfectly SEO optimized. You can write it yourself or you can pay someone to do it. Once you written it publish that article on some PR sites. With that press release you will be able to present your infographic to other people and to improve SEO of your site because you get a great backlink. Some of the best sites where you can publish your press release are:

  1. Social Media Press Release

Another great way to get better ranking on search engines and get more people to see your infographic is to write social media PR. It can be tricky to write a good one but that’s why there are services like PitchEngine that can easily help you with that.

  1. Manual sharing

After you started doing all the ways to make your infographic viral that exist there is always the option to manually share the work. Write guest posts on some blogs, share your infographic with bloggers that relate to your topic and ask them to publish it for you, search related topics on Twitter and share infographic with related hashtags and more.

Well, there it is, everything you need to know on making an infographic go viral. Oh right, try to publish you infographic on Mondays because some studies say that Monday is the best day to publish it. You can find more details about viral sharing tactics in the infographic below. And if you have your own infographic then share it with us in the comments. Who knows, if I like it I could write an article about it 🙂

 Sharing Tactics for Infographic