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Saygin Yalcin Net Worth 2024

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Do you know the CEO and founder of the Middle Eastern Car buying services? Of Course, it’s Saygin Yalcin, an entrepreneur. Not just an entrepreneur, one of the most enchanted humans who has brought reflecting ideas in regards to marketing as well as the development of the business. Boosting is a must in the case of Saygin. To learn more about it, keep reading.

About Saygin Yalcin


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When it comes to entrepreneurship, Saygin Yalchin is the master. This personality from Dubai deals with marketing knacks along with promoting online merchandise. He owned an online portal sukar.com, which was related to shopping, later handled by Souq.com. Further Amazon owned it for $580 million.

He is credibly amazing as he gives academic lectures. He is known to be a leader at USB. He actually turned out to be a footballer during his teenage years while in Germany, playing in the Junioren Bundesliga.

Early Life And Family

May 14 was Saygin’s birthday. Saygin was born in Germany in 1985. His family immigrated to Mexico along with him. Later for his MBA studies, he shifted to the US. He graduated from WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management and Euromates. Information about his family is not much shared as he is secretive except that he is married to Lana Rose, musical artist by profession. He knows everything including investing, lecturing, entrepreneurship, influencing, etc.

Career And Milestones


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This interesting persona has kept him swaying into various fields like an all-arounder. Let’s have an overlook of his career:

  • 2004 was the year he started working for the marketing of BMW.
  • MNC was another company he worked for, which was known as Capgemini based in France.
  • Later he also worked for L’Oreal.
  • By promoting his own business, Saygin was known to win the title of a young entrepreneur.
  • Sukar.com was later owned by Souq.cim followed by Amazon.
  • SellAnyCar was the greatest among his businesses which grew him to be the most popular entrepreneur.
  • He used his lecture skills to support his YouTube channels.
  • ‘Startup Hero’ was a superhit on YT inspiring people to help fund panels.
  • Being a billionaire is not easy at the mere age for a business person.

Some Facts About Salgin

  • It is known that he has a post as an academic lecturer in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • It is heard that he has an apartment in the Burj Khalifa.
  • His interest in supercars and houses is still alive.
  • He was greatly honored for his MBA graduation.

Net Worth


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Saygin, an entrepreneur, most of the wealth comes from his SellAnyCar.com which is calculated to be 5 billion dollars.

His YT channel is another platform that earns him a good profit as he has about a million subscriptions. He not only has luxury cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes but has also bought an apartment in the Burj Khalifa which is worth 2 million dollars, his $17 million house is also added to it.

So his total income is estimated to be $500 million. His social accounts also add to it.