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How Many Times Can You Renew Your UK Sponsorship Licence


Opportunities are in front of each of us. All we have to do is notice them and use them, and we can also create them ourselves. Life is one and we need to live it with all the energy we have to feel its beauty. So don’t worry about whether you will find a job today, a suitable education, or a place to live, because you will surely do it in one of the coming days. The options are there, you just need to find out about them and search for them. One of the options available to everyone is the UK-sponsored visa option which requires finding a suitable sponsor who will have a valid sponsorship licence. So if you are perhaps a sponsor from UC this is the article for you!

We are sure you already know about the sponsor license. It is a license that is obtained by any legal person or a natural person who owns a business that mediates the employment of people coming from outside the borders of the UK. It is a license that is obtained and lasts for 4 years. With the help of this licence the legal entity can mediate and complete procedures for third parties related to obtaining a visa to stay in the United Kingdom. All that is needed is to prepare all the documentation at the beginning of this process so that you can get the license and then you can manage the processes for foreigners who need to come to the UK. But what after the license expires?


Like all documents, this kind of permission has its expiration date. As we have already said, the term of validity of this permit for carrying out the visa procedure for other persons is valid for 4 years. But what after the expiration? Is it possible to get this license again? Is it possible to get the license multiple times so that people coming from outside the UK can get a visa and work for the company? These are just some of the questions that are unclear to most of you, the owners of sponsorship licenses. But we are here to clarify these questions with detailed and accurate answers. So are you ready to help? Are you ready to get to know the correct answers to these questions? We talk more about them below, and we ask you to follow us carefully. Let’s get started!

How many times can you renew your sponsorship license?


The biggest dilemma that exists among companies is related to this question, and that is the question – how many times can the license be renewed? The answer is very easy and simple, which means you don’t need to worry, and the answer is – an unlimited number of times. All you need is to monitor how much time is left on your license and start the renewal procedure on time, but also to inform yourself about all the necessary things that you need to do, which you can easily help yourself with if you read on https://imperiallegal.com/media/articles/sponsorship-licence-in-the-uk-how-to-obtain-and-what-is-it-for/.

Why is it necessary to be reissued with a sponsorship license after it expires?

After the validity of the current license ends, you need to act in accordance with the rules and if it has expired, submit a request for its renewal. Why is renewal necessary? First of all, it is necessary because this permit is valid for 4 years and needs to be renewed at least every 4 years. Then, this permit is the number one factor that allows you to broker a visa for all those who want to live and work in the UK, provided that you provide them with all the conditions. Therefore, make sure to do the renewal in a timely manner and continue with the possibilities offered by this type of permission.

Who grants this sponsorship license and what do you need to know about it?


We’re sure you’ve wondered by now who the team is behind approving and processing requests for this document. Behind it, all is the team at the UK Immigration Office which is tasked with receiving all applications, along with the necessary data, and then processing each application. They decide on approval, but also on the extension of the license depending on whether you have submitted complete documentation.

Otherwise, what you need to know about the sponsorship license is the following:

  1. You need to employ a person who will be eligible to perform the function, that is, he will be able to participate in consultations and provide information about the process of granting sponsorship to people who would come to work in the UK.
  1. It is important to meet conditions such as the company operates in the UK and is legally registered, you do not have any debts to the state or any judgments and penalties, your company has not been part of money laundering or any other type of financial crime and so on.

This is important for all those who want to apply for the first time, but it is also important for all those who want to renew their license.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the renewal period

If you have already met the conditions once and need to renew this sponsorship license, it is important to pay attention to the deadline for renewing this license. It is important to start the prescribed procedure at least one month before the expiration to get a new 4-year validity of the sponsorship license. So be up-to-date and watch the deadline so that you can apply in time for the extension, which is not legally limited, and will allow you to use this license again to employ people from outside and be their visa sponsor.

It is important to know that there are no limits on how many times you can renew this type of permit, so do not miss this opportunity and apply as soon as possible to have your sponsorship license extended. It is an opportunity to bring new employees to whom you will give conditions and the right to work in the UK.