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2021: Recruiting Planning in Uncertain Times

There is one statement that each and every human being believes is true and can vouch for it and that sentence is, 2020 was a difficult year. And not just for the healthcare workers but for each and every human being in this world. And more so for multiple businesses, and it was such a bad time because everything came to a complete standstill. In a world where each and every person is doing something or the other at all points of time and even sometimes multi-tasking a lot of things this sudden standstill was a lot to take in. Because of this big change many companies hiring planning got tossed in the garbage.

But this year, that is in 2024 we need to get back up, although starting up in full fledged is still a big question, there is a lot of uncertainty about resuming our normal lives that we lived before the whole pandemic situation took over. But the business needs to start opening although slowly but surely and because of this situation the HR of the companies are hit the hardest as they have to very meticulously plan out the already minimum budget and at the same time hire efficient, reliable as well as talented employees to maximize the companies profit. And in order to do so the companies are now fully relying on many IT recruitment agencies to help them overcome the challenge of not having adequate and required talent in their organizations, click here to know more.

Recruiting Planning in Uncertain Times – 2024

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In this article, we are going to look at some of the tips widely given by some of the major IT consultancy services that can help you recruit top talents as well as maintain the growth of the company.

Determine which positions and posts you want to allow as work from home

The most major as well as noticeable change that we are facing since last year is that most of us are now working from home. This is also known as remote work. But then again you will have to make sure and plan properly how much of the workforce you can allow to work from home or remote work, all the while keeping in mind the growth of the company. Although there is a plus point when you recruit candidates to remote work or work from home and that is that it saves a lot of money which in turn helps in cost cutting for the company. But there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when you have to determine how much of the workforce you want to work from home and how many you want to actually physically turn in, and those are as follows.

1. Employee Sentiments

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When deciding how many employees you want to actually turn in and how many can work from home you will have to take into account the sentiments of the employee. and in order to do that you can first start by discussing things with your employees and then maybe sending each and every employee a survey form through which they can express their how they feel about the following things.

  1. Weather they prefer to come to office physically or do they prefer to work from home
  2. What are the advantages and the drawbacks of working from home?
  3. If they need any resources to be provided by the company if they were to work from home. And what are the resources that they will need.

And this survey will let you have a clearer picture of what you are working with and will also help you figure out the future course of action for your company.

2. Hiring New Talent

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Now because of the current situation the company or even the IT recruitment agency are hiring candidates through remote and taking help of recruitment agencies like alliance recruitment agency But if they have come physically or work from home is a different question altogether. But the remote hiring process is very beneficial for your organization and at the same time it also saves a lot of time and energy. One of the major benefits that remote hiring offers is that now you will not have to only find candidates from your region. While an IT recruitment agency makes sure that truly talented as well as efficient candidates are hired for your organization. Rather, you can now branch out to find the best candidate with all the required talents, skills as well as appropriate certification not only from your region but also from different geographical regions. and this will help in creating a diversity in your company and as it is they have to work from home, so they can be sitting in a different geographical region but still be working for your company. And also, in turn help in the betterment as well as profit of your company.

3. Overall Cost & Savings of the Company

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As we saw in the earlier point that this current situation is urging most companies to hire remote employees. And this remote hiring of work from home employees from various geographical regions not only benefits the company for a short time by increasing the efficiency as well as the profit. Rather it also helps the company for a long period of time. And that is so because the candidates that they are hiring are going to stay in the company for a longer period of time so you would not have to go back again to hire some other candidate for the same post or position over and over again. Along with that remote hiring also reduces the cost of sourcing as well as recruiting and along with that it also reduces the time taken to fill a particular post or position in the company. And all these factors in turn helps the company to not only find the best and the most talented candidate but also helps in cost cutting and saving quite some money overall.

4. Change in the Hiring Strategy

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As we have mentioned quite a few times about how the method of remote hiring is very beneficial, and along with that in today’s time there are many candidates that are looking for this kind of work from home jobs, so you should expect a lot more applications as compared to what you used to get earlier. The IT consultancy services helps you by giving some tips about how to properly plan as well as maintain a steady growth in the company. But now that the methods have changed and people are looking for a new and wider range of opportunities, you as a company looking for candidates have to update your work descriptions along with expectations as well as branding methods.