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Various Steps and Reasons to Adopt Virtual Hiring – 2020 Guide

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Every organization wants to recruit the most deserving and intelligent candidate. Some demand the experience to join their business and some only want the fresher. Both businesses may have a different set of requirements that they try to meet using a different set of people.

Those who want experienced candidates don’t want to waste their time on making the candidates learn the basics of their job positions. Those who want fresher are all set to make the new talent learn those skills which they require in their businesses. 

When we take admission to reputed institutions the first thing that we look for is the facility of campus recruitment. After completing our professional degrees from the reputed colleges or universities what we expect is to get placed in the top companies. That is why campus hiring is considered as an important attribute while selecting the educational institutes.

In this concept, the companies directly contact the institutions to provide them with the best students. It is beneficial for both the students as well as for the companies looking for candidates. The candidates don’t have to go anywhere to find jobs whereas the companies can employ fresh talent for their organization. 

But when the technology becomes advanced a word is now added with the virtual campus hiring. Now campus hiring is known as the virtual campus hiring. During this time of the global pandemic, when no one feels safe to visit different places or companies the virtual campus hiring comes up as a life savior. You have to follow these simple steps in the virtual campus hiring that includes:


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You can now easily connect with the campus using an online platform. The virtual campus hiring will be initiated at this step by connecting with the concerned persons.


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Now the next step after connecting with the candidates and campus is to assess the candidates. Various screening tools will be used for the assessment of candidates. Mettl offers a wide range of assessment tools to meet the diverse needs of the different organizations. You can use coding assessments, technical screening, aptitude tests, psychometric, domain tests, personality tests, and so on. The proctoring tools will also be used to get accurate results free from any fraud or cheating.


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After assessing the candidates using different mediums you need to select from the shortlisted candidates. The virtual interviews can be used to select the right candidate. The facilities for the online interview are also available for the companies to assess and then select the best candidate at the job.


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The online hackathon platform will be very useful for this stage of engagement.  

So, these are the steps that will be followed while you choose virtual campus hiring. The availability of various proctoring tools is proved to very helpful for this purpose as it offers the candidate’s authentication, detecting suspicious acts, frauds or cheating, etc. There are so many reasons why virtual campus hiring is gaining so much importance. Some of the reasons are discussed as follows:

Suitable for the current situation:

Every one of us is very well aware of the current satiation prevailing in the country. The risks associated with the Covid-19 are so many. Everyone has to stay safe and healthy and this can only be done if you stay home and avoid gatherings. In this situation, the virtual campus hiring is very much helpful in selecting the right candidates through a virtual platform.

To reach more and more candidates:

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You can create a pool of candidates if you make use of an online platform. All those who are interested, capable, and are suitable for the job can take part in your recruitment process. But in physical form, you may not be able to gather all the people out there. The candidates feel safe to be part of online recruitment or hiring as compared to other traditional methods of hiring.

Convenient for all:

The best part of virtual campus hiring is that it is convenient for recruiters, institutions as well as for the students. The organizations don’t have to prepare well for a team that will go and then conducts campus hiring. Rather they can undertake the whole recruitment process by staying in their organization only. The online platform is the most desirable platform for all the people who are being involved in this recruitment process.

Saving money for all:

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It also helps in saving money for all of the concerned persons. In campus hiring, the institutions need to plan everything for the organization that is coming in their institution. They have to spend money on planning and then setting up everything. The organizations have to bear the cost of the recruiters who will go and then conduct campus hiring. The candidates who are coming for that recruitment will be coming from different places and they also have to spend money on their traveling. But in the case of virtual campus hiring, all these costs can be saved.

Availability of assessment tools:

So many assessment tools are available for the organizations that want to conduct campus hiring. The different tools are available for the different jobs what you need to do is to select from them.

Wide range of readymade questions:

You don’t have to spend time drafting the questions for your recruitment process. Rather the rich bank of questions is already available relating to different areas. You can easily select from those questions that are readily available.

Expert consultation is available:

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You can consult the experts who are involved in virtual campus hiring anytime anywhere. They are available for your consultation.

Proctoring tools make it super secure:

You can easily make use of proctoring software or other tools which are being provided by the Mettl to its clients. You can ensure the authenticity of the candidates in so many forms.  

So, these are the following reasons why virtual campus hiring is important and useful.