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20 Best PowerPoint Presentation Designs for Inspiration 2024

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Every single day, millions of people around the globe are searching for the best PowerPoint designs, creative & unique PPT templates or inspiring examples. PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools for presentations. In fact, there are many things you can do with powerpoint beside presentations. Here is a list of 10 Other Things You Can Do With PowerPoint :

  • Letters and Memos
  • Greeting Cards
  • Calling Cards
  • Signage
  • Menu Cards
  • Posters
  • Name Tags and IDs
  • Edit Images
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Extract an Image from a Video File

Successful and most appreciated PowerPoint presentations on the web are unique, creative and very well designed.

  • Unique – Totally different presentations than we used to see. Something new, impressive and engaging. Unique presentations go viral, because people love to discover and share new, fresh content. Especially if content (funny, sad, thoughtful, informative, inspiring and etc) stimulates our emotions.If you do have unique idea – you’re ahead of your competition and half way to success.
  • Creative – in order to fulfill unique ideas, you need to be creative. Creativity is a process of finding different solutions to express ideas. PowerPoint presentations can be creative in many different ways, such as color contrast, shapes and forms, typography, image combinations and etc
  • Well-designed  – It’s not easy to describe and explain what a good design is, but we can follow commonly accepted principles. 1.Presentation should be “aesthetically pleasing”.Everyone has their own unique opinion and taste, but best PowerPoint presentation designs are loved by majority of audience. 2.Presentation should clearly communicate the idea (unique & creative) or the facts across to the viewer in a way that is well received. 3. And last but not least – great and well-designed PowerPoint presentation should create the desired reaction (happiness,curiosity,excitement and etc.).

Here is an illustration of a quote by Frank Chimero. I think it’s a great definition of what a good design is:

A List of Top 20 Best PowerPoint Presentations – Design Showcase

So, here is the list of 20 Best Powerpoint Presentation Designs. This list contains high quality PowerPoint presentations, which are really standing out of the crowd. Each of them are unique, very creative and well-designed. Let’s see how PowerPoint presentation looks like, when all “good design” principles are applied. Some of these presentations I’d rather call “art work”, than “presentation”. Note: these presentation are non-commercial and are not available for sale. But no worry, at the end of this showcase, you will find additional list of recommended best design and high quality PowerPoint templates. You can purchase any of them if you like. Scroll down and check out 20 Best PowerPoint presentation designs for your inspiration!

1. You Suck At PowerPoint!

It’s not PowerPoint that sucks, it’s you.

– and that is absolutely true! Inspiring PowerPoint presentation by Jesse Desjardins about 5 design mistakes you need to avoid creating presentations.

2. Selfie Locator – PowerPoint presentation

Selfie Locator is currently not available online, but this awesome selfie PowerPoint presentation might be good source of inspiration for your next project about selfies. However, you might want to check out our selfie PowerPoint template available here.

3. Victoria’s Secret Secondary Research

Awesome PowerPoint infographic presentation by Paige Drummond showing Victoria’s Secret secondary research results.

4. Fitness PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation by KT Media Inc. might be real inspiration if you are interest in healthy lifestyle, nutrition, fitness or sports.

5. Illustrated Graphs – PPT Presentation

Inspirational, funny and creative Powerpoint presentation by Designerds, using illustrated graphs for depicting facts about Germany. Some true, some… not so much.

6. “Apresentação – Panqueca Marketing Jovem.”

Presentation for Youth Marketing Agency.Great example of excellent color and font combination. 10 PowerPoint slides combined into one GIF image. Project by multiple authors

7. “Apresentação – André Telles” – PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation made by Carlos Matos. Colorful, creative visual story.Enjoy.

8. “Infographic Presentation Design : World Events”

Infographic PowerPoint presentation about global events, that formed millenials personality.
(Image shows only some parts of presentation).

9. Facebook Advertising PowerPoint Presentation

Few title slides for presentation on Facebook advertising. We chose this example, because it’s way more creative than many other social media presentations. Dark colors and variety font combinations look pretty awesome!

10.YouTube Infograpgic PowerPoint Presentation – Goolge Event

Youtube Facts and Statistics Infographic build with PowerPoint and presented at Google Event. If you are not sure or PowerPoint is a great tool to create infographics, this presentation should clear your doubts…

11.Shell in Nigeria (some slides)

We can’t see complete set of slides, because some of them contains confidential information and figures. But here are couple of great examples of color combinations, slides structure and layout. Good design for your inspiration…

12. Business Proposal: BeanLab

Lovely, simple retro style business proposal PowerPoint presentation.

13. WeClub App Presentation. Powerpoint.

Powerpoint slides along with a few billboards for a convention display.

14. Global Warming PowerPoint Presentation

This project was created as a powerpoint presentation for a global warming seminar. If you are supporting Green peace, love nature or biology, this presentation is for your inspiration…

15. Rock – PowerPoint Presentation

Awesome PowerPoint presentation! Colorful, creative and inspiring. Author of this project Gonzalo Felis named this presentation as “Modern Powerpoint Template”, but I was not able to find commercial version of this stunning work. If you like this design, you might drop him a message on Behance and get some more info.

16. Demo Day Deck Design

Here are a few key slides from a presentation designed for the fashion tech startup Sundar. Flat design, light colors and great layouts.

17. eCommerce Marketing Plan

Creative Power Point presentation outlining communications strategy for healthcare.

18. Nailing the Flat

Flat design is one of the biggest trends online. Since the iOS 7 was launched, demand for flat design and flat UI increased massively. Here is very well-designed flat PowerPoint presentation giving some good tips on flat design.

19.Lunchmeister – Retro style Powerpoint Presentation by Designerds

A ‘Retro-Style’ Power-Point Presentation for Rohbau & Sonnenschein, that explains their business concept in a light-hearted manner to attracted and acquire more customers.

20. The Bohemian’s and The Golden Ribbon

A sampling of Powerpoint Slides. This project was a presentation of a script that was used for approaching potential publishers. Presentation by by Rebecca Wagley.

So , which one is your favorite? Tell us in your comments!

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Now you know how 20 of the best PowerPoint presentations looks like. I hope you have enough inspiration by now and it’s time to create your own presentation in PPT! Here are couple of awesome, creative and unique PowerPoint templates. It can save you lots of time and you can focus on your project ideas development. Pre-made templates are extremely popular and loved by thousands of people around the world. Scorll down and see some of the best PowerPoint template designs!

Future Vision Powerpoint Presentation Template

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Swiss Style PowerPoint Template

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