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Phillips Hue – the world’s smartest LED bulb

phillips hue

Welcome to the future ! Even though you can’t buy a flying car, you can afford a light bulb programmable with your smartphone.

Phillips Hue lights sounds so addictive and fun to own it. Just as the name is suggesting, you can set your lights to any desired color, or even mix it and have multicolor experience. Setting up them is very easy, there’s no need for extra wires, you just take out your existing light bulbs and set them. The company who’s making these is Phillips. They’ve been known as the pioneers in this field.

In the package you will get 3 light bulbs along with the main base unit. Then after you turn on the base all of them are connected to it, you can access the main panel from official application of Phillips which is available for both Android and iOS.

hue bulbs

It’s interesting when you imagine that you lay down in a bed and you’re lazy enough to get up and turn off the lights, you can just use your smartphone and decrease or increase the lightning in your room, sounds great, right?

hue controlling

You can pick the scenes that you want inside the Hue application, and the scenes are either photos you click, or presets that are saved in the application.

hue settings

The all 3 lights are then assigning different colors from the photo, and changing naturally. The impact is especially sensational if you are having each of the three lights set up in the same room; when they’re spread around the house, you wind up with various rooms of different colors, however it doesn’t set the scene similarly. If you want, you could also change the power and the color of every light independently, this gives you the chance to tune the lights as you wish.

hue settings 2

What I’ve found most exciting and fun was the given option of downloading applications into Hue system and instantly turning your ambient into disco. There are really many alternatives that you could use. For an instance, connecting your bulbs to Phillips Ambilight TV ( if you have one ) and extend the lightning that comes from the scenes on screen to your whole room.

You can also program the bulbs to go blinking if your favorite sports team scores a goal, or if you receive a new comment on YouTube, how cool is that? Or making bulbs go off while you are not home and automaticaly going on when you’re back. There are really many features and hundreds of different ways how you could customize the settings, so I think everybody would find something useful for their particular needs.

hue application

I think these bulbs shows us that the future is very exciting when it comes to connected technology, having bulbs controlled from your hands, giving you data and responding to your mood is incredible.

I still have the old lights in my house but I’m eyeing on this kit for some time and I’m sure I’ll buy some, you can find it on Amazon. Believe me, this is a lightning piece that you want to use if you want to live in the future today! Check the infographic below to understand better how this technology operates:

Introducing Philips hue