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11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring Design – 2024 Guide

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Love carries us through life and happens to many when they least expect it. A strange and incredibly beautiful feeling begins to appear in us – we feel butterflies in our stomachs, our mood is much better than usual, and our thoughts float only to one side – towards our loved one. After we realize that this person is the one we have been waiting for all our lives and we no longer want to let go, the next step follows, and that is the coronation of your love – a wedding.

This is a day that the newlyweds plan very carefully, taking into account every detail, from the wedding dress and suit, through the hairstyle, the guests, the band that will complete the event, the table decorations, and everything else. Those who have been through this know what we are talking about. Still, what is especially important to women is the wedding ring that will adorn her hand, hopefully, forever. How then to choose the one that she will like and that she will gladly wear on all occasions?

1. Ask for help

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Do not hesitate to seek the help of friends of the future bride. However, they know her taste very well. If you want to surprise her completely, then “steal” some of her ring from the jewelry box to know which size suits her.

2. Find her style

The advantage of buying rings online is that you have the opportunity to choose by categories and different styles. Below each picture is a detailed description, which is also confirmed by  www.valeriacustomjewelry.com. To choose the right one, think about the future young woman’s lifestyle, as well as her style and daily activities. As harmless as it may seem to you, these are guidelines that will make your job easier.

3. Whitestone ring

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This is a classic that never goes out of fashion. The advantage of this ring is that it fits perfectly with any clothing combination, and that is what women love. Know that a diamond will suit every woman’s hand best, but that there are great variations in quality. What most think is that the price of a ring depends on the size of the stone. But that is not true. The price is dictated by the way it is cut because it gives it shine, so we have several categories such as Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Premium, and Ideal. It is considered that everything below Very Good is not worth paying attention to.

4. Be unique – try something different!

Some women successfully resist trends by setting their personalities. In the last few years, we have noticed that a lot of them are worn by a stone in a different color. Then why, when you already know that your future bride has a special style, would you not buy a ring with opal, amber, sapphire, or emerald?

It is not out of place to listen to the advice of the seller, because we must not forget that he has experience with the wedding rings much more than you. Take a look at the ring you have imagined, but give a chance to the one he recommends, because very often it turns out to be a better option.

5. Yellow or white gold?

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This is a matter of personal taste. White gold usually looks a little more discreet and modest, while yellow exudes elegance and sophistication. To make the right choice, pay attention to the other jewelry that the loved one is wearing (earrings, bracelets) so that the ring fits perfectly. There are also combinations of yellow and white gold that are becoming increasingly popular. Mix it up.

6. Take your time

You may think it is easy to choose a ring. Well, it’s not. Never leave this task at the last minute, so you will be forced to buy the first one you come across. Keep in mind that this piece of jewelry will forever adorn the hand of your beautiful half.

7. Personalized ring

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For the romantic ones, a good suggestion is to engrave something on the inside of the ring that carries a special symbolism. Some opt for a wedding date, their initials, or a short love message. It is up to you to choose and be unique! Believe that no woman remains immune to it!

8. Set a budget

The budget is one of the main items that dictates the choice of the ring. We believe that you already know what budget you have for organizing a wedding. Calculate that you will allocate about 3% of the total figure to the ring.

9. Think long term

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We are back in fashion again. When choosing a ring, try to choose one that you will be ready to wear even after many years, and not just now when it is trendy. The wedding ring should be discreet, and at the same time elegant and noticeable. But even if you have chosen someone who after 20 years looks like your great-grandmother’s ring, don’t worry, you can always make small adjustments and personalize it. Sounds like a good anniversary gift, doesn’t it?

10. Check the quality and maintenance

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality when we talk about buying any piece of jewelry, not just a wedding ring. Make sure the ring has two seals on the inside – one from the manufacturer, and the other that speaks to quality (24K or PLAT).

Also, consider maintenance. While for a gold or platinum ring it will be enough to wipe it with a dry cloth, the rings with certain stones will have to be soaked in cleaning liquid, then gently cleaned with a toothbrush and only then dried with a cloth. If you think this is too much work, give up shopping.

11. Shaped wedding rings

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Some people like to fit an engagement and wedding ring because it is jewelry that should always be on hand. That is why some choose curved wedding dresses that fit like a puzzle with the brides. Think about this too!