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9 Outdated Fashion Myths you should Stop Following


Fashion is the best way to express yourself and show the world who you truly are. Still, with fashion come some rules and guidelines instilled in us by our mothers and grandmothers that we still follow more because we were told to rather than because they are true.

Rules exist to be broken, especially if they are no longer valid. Here are the top 9 outdated tips that it’s high time to stop following. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Myth 1: Don’t wear white in winter


You might also hear this one in another form like “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Ok, do you see any good reason as to why not to wear white in winter? Not any, right?!

No one knows where this strange fashion rule came from – maybe it’s because when the fall/winter comes, people tend to switch to darker tones. Still, white makes your outfit so chic, classy, and outstanding that you will miss a lot if you stick with this outdated fashion tip.

Plus, wearing white as a base for your outfit (for example, a coat or a jacket) becomes a great canvas on which you can draw. And a great way to make your outfit more polished and put together is to add some bold color accessories to your white coat. You can look at Amelia Rose accessories for some ideas.

Myth 2: Don’t mix prints


Think about it – a person dressed in the same print from head to toe can make you feel dizzy. On the other hand, using the same print but in different sizes and forms can create a more polished and appealing outlook. Plus, the greater contrast, the more fashionable your look will appeal. Prints are extremely popular in summer – from floral maxi dresses to bright-colored jumpsuits. However, this rule does not necessarily have to do with avoiding all prints at once – there is a difference between a pretty print and a cheesy one that looks like your mom’s curtains. So, just follow our advice on how to play around with prints and you’ll look fabulous!

Myth 3: Stylish garments cannot be comfy


Girl, style can (and should) go hand in hand with comfort. We tend to believe that if we want to be stylish, we need to wear those high heels that heart so much that you want to scream or those skinny jeans that you can barely breathe in. No, this is a big misunderstanding!

You are amazing, gorgeous, confident, and unique, and the way to express that is through your clothes. So, pick carefully clothes that flatter your body, make you look great, and are so comfy that they feel like your PJs. It’s 2024, and comfort and style are a match made in heaven.

Myth 4: Tall women should not wear high heels


To heel or not to heel is more of a personal choice rather than a fashion must. The heels give you not only height but make your legs look fantastic (and endless).

We believe that women of any size should NOT wear high heels only if they are not comfortable or cause some foot problems. Other than that, there is no true reason as to why you should not wear high heels. You should be proud of your height, so if you love heels, bring them up.

Myth 5: Your shoes should always match your bag


This one is so outdated. Back in the past, women tended to shop for shoes and bags that matched color and texture. Nowadays, you can do whatever your heart desires – if you want to wear a red bag and a red purse, we won’t stop you, but you don’t have to abide by this rule any time you are shopping.

Myth 6: Horizontal stripes make you huge


No, horizontal stripes won’t make you huge, and we have scientific proof for that.

According to “the Helmholtz illusion to fashion: horizontal stripes WON’T make you look fatter. “A square composed of horizontal lines appears taller and narrower than an identical square made up of vertical lines.” So, if your favorite dress has horizontal stripes on it, don’t be afraid to wear it.

Myth 7: Black and blue don’t go together


Black and blue can look amazing together – just take a look at the dark shade of navy and how it complements black. Plus, different materials make these two colors shine: like leather and satin. It’s time to give up this old fashion myth!

Myth 8: Don’t wear heels if you’re not comfortable in them


This is another myth we have trouble understanding why people believe in it so much. In fact, high heels make legs longer and your butt look fabulous. Why would you not wear heels if you are not comfortable in them? Plus, this myth has no real proof of any kind – some doctors say that women wearing high heels regularly (like for more than 14 hours a day) can develop back problems, but they never explain why or how.

Myth 9: Animal prints are only for the young


This is one of those fashion rules that make people think that they need to dress age-appropriately. We believe that there is no age limit when it comes to animal prints! If you want to wear leopard print on your shirt, do so without feeling too bad about yourself! Again, it’s all about what makes you feel great and confident. So, if animal prints make you feel like a queen, bring them up!

The bottom line

Now that you know the 9 outdated fashion trends, you can choose whether you should keep following them or not. Our day-to-day life is hectic enough to add some fashion drama to it. So, our advice is only to wear clothes that make you feel outstanding and don’t blindly follow outdated fashion tips.