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Top 9 Tips to Modernize Your Farmhouse in 2024

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Have you ever thought of changing your farmhouse to the one that looks cool on a magazine cover? Many people hire architects and interior designers to change the style of their house. Some are still not satisfied to let the decision be in the hands of the designers. In such a case, you must do it yourself.

It is not very hard for us to design our farmhouses if we have basic knowledge on how to do it. If you like bright and spacious houses with modern feels, you can go for a modern style farmhouse design. It is the perfect blend of heavy and light elements that looks simple and elegant. Sometimes, you just have to add some elements like wall arts, lighting, and more.

1. Elements that you might require:

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The elements that you might require depends on what you have and what you need. One thing that everyone needs is wall arts. Nobody likes empty and boring walls. Where do you get interesting wall arts? Well, Widdlytinks.com is an online store where you can buy classy and trendy wall arts for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other places online

2. How to get the best farmhouse modern look?

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If you have finally decided to do the interior designing yourself, you need to know the basics of designing a farmhouse modern style. You might not be a professional designer but if you have a creative mind and a particular style, you will be able to pull it off.

Most of the newly bought farmhouses are made in country style or vintage style. To convert them, you need to change the decorative elements of the house like lights, doors, flooring, paint, wall arts, furniture, and many more.

Here are some basic things that you must keep in mind before you start your designing project.

3. Keep it simple:

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Modern designs are based on simplicity and practicality. Most vintage spaces might be filled with things that you might not require just to make it look good, but in a modern style, you can use the space practically. Planning is the key to make this happen. A right space plan will make it useful yet aesthetic.

Everything from furniture arrangements to the flooring must be done after considering the space and the design of the other parts of the farmhouse. Your priority must be to make the right use of the space given to you. After considering all of these things, you can start by collecting elements that complement your basic design.

4. Choose a neutral color:

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The paint on your walls is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing a modern style farmhouse. Previously, the walls of farmhouses were usually in sage greens and yellows which gives them a vintage look. A modern farmhouse style is all about space and brightness.

White is always a natural choice when it comes to painting a farmhouse. You can choose any other neutral color that keeps your food fresh and your walls clean and tidy. Other colors that you can consider are browns, grays, and tans. You can also choose slightly vintage colors and keep the other elements modern to give it a classic farmhouse look.

5. Keep a balance:

You must keep a balance with the heavy elements and the light elements so that they do not overpower each other. A classic farmhouse dining table will look nice if there are contemporary chairs with it. You can use modern pendant lights to balance the combination of a heavy-looking table and a lot of lightweight elements.

6. Mix and match:

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Gone are those days when wooden flooring was trendy and modern. Concrete floors with wood barn doors colored in white is a nice combination to be used in a bedroom. It gives an aesthetic yet classic feel to the entire room. You can also use rustic modern wall arts in the room to mix and match the modern yet classic look.

You can use beds with metal frames and mattresses with white sheets and a white blanket. Curtains in off-white colors will allow light to pass through from the window even when they are closed. This will help to keep the room bright and spacious.

7. Work with the woods:

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While people use wooden flooring, you can try to have a wooden ceiling, instead. You can use weathered wood pieces to turn them into wooden beams and wall panels along with concrete flooring. You can use sleek glasses, metallic notes, wall arts in blues and greens, and many more to complement the wooden walls.

8. Use proper lighting:

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As it is a modern design, you must look for modern lights. A vintage chandelier will not look good along with modern elements in your house. Lights like modern lamps, pendant lights, designer chandeliers that give a modern touch, and many more.

It is not necessary to use modern lights. If you want to use a rustic vintage chandelier, you must fill the other elements like the furniture that gives a slightly classic yet modern look to the space.

Proper lighting is another crucial thing to look into. A farmhouse must not look dull and must create a happy mood when you come to stay there. If you don’t want to disrupt the fancy look of your room and still need more light, you can always use ceiling lights.

9. A modern kitchen:

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A modern kitchen is very different from a regular kitchen. Most farmhouses have a vintage style kitchen or a regular open kitchen. Again, white is a natural choice when it comes to the color of the slabs in the modern kitchen. You can add equipment like a double door fridge, metal compartments, unique drawers, a lot of space, and modern lighting.