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Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Valued Less than Natural Diamonds?

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Glamorous, sparkly, and elegant diamond rings are something that will surely grab the attention of many women. These types of rings last forever which adds even bigger value to them. Every woman can pass down to other generations their ring which can become a statement and heritage of the family.

Diamonds are very special, romantic, and attractive, however, in the last period a big fuss arises around lab-grown diamonds, and everyone is asking whether they are just as valued as natural ones. No one can believe that diamonds created in the laboratory can be the same as the natural ones mined from the earth. Well, why if we tell you that this is true? If you are interested to find out more about lab grown diamonds continue reading this article.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes, very much so! Even though many people can not believe these lab-grown diamonds have the exact same compound and features as the natural real diamonds. They are identical in all aspects, visual, chemical, and physical. There are only two differences between lab-grown diamonds and mined ones. Well, you are getting the point that one of the differences is the source we are getting them.

Natural ones can be detected by gemologists and specialized equipment and they are found on the earth, which means that they are not eco-friendly. On the other hand, all those people who care about the environment will gladly hear that lab-grown diamonds are completely eco-friendly because there is no effort required to drill the land. The other difference between them is that diamonds created in the laboratory are much more affordable than natural ones.

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When it comes to their chemical compound, you should know that diamonds are formed when carbon is compressed under enormous pressure and high temperature. This refers to both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, no matter whether they are mined from the ground or created in the lab, at the end of the day, both of them are crystalized carbon.

For all those people that are still suspicious about this statement, we want to tell you that the Federal Trade Commission – FTC declared that a diamond is a diamond, no matter whether grown in a laboratory or mined from the earth! Therefore, the value of these two types of diamonds is absolutely the same!

So how do Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds differ?

We are all aware of the fact that purchasing an engagement ring can feel very overwhelming and challenging. Logically, you want to find the perfect ring for the love of your life. However, with such a large variety of ring stones, shapes, and styles that you can choose from, it is a very hard task to select one design and be sure that your loved one will fall in love with the ring. However, one thing is sure, you can not make the mistake if you deciding to purchase a diamond ring!

Every girl will be so excited to get one of these. For all those that decided to buy a diamond ring, one huge question is left, whether they should choose a lab-grown stone or a mined diamond?

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Before making a decision of this kind, you surely want to find out what sets these two types of diamonds apart.

Well, the answer is not so much! In fact, as far as the average person is concerned, there is a literally tiny difference between a lab-grown diamond and a naturally mined one. As we mentioned above, in the chemical, optical, and gemological aspects, these two diamonds are completely the same! They are just created in different ways and they have ethical and environmental ramifications on the world different.

This means that physically when it comes to their appearance, sparkle, and overall make-up, the stones are the same. But, they are not the same in the aspect of the source. The only thing that will help you decide which type of diamond you should choose is how you are feeling about the environmental impact.

The Way They are Created

Many of you are wondering how exactly natural diamonds are created beneath the earth. Well, all-natural diamonds that you can find and purchase on the market nowadays are formed far beneath the earth’s surface. The years are needed for one diamond stone to be created. For all those years intense heat and pressure are causing the element called carbon to rearrange on an atomic level and as the outcome, it takes the form of a diamond. Pretty amazing, right?

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They are mostly formed in areas of the earth where the temperatures and conditions are so high that they can create a diamond which means that those areas are close to volcanic eruptions.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds present the same thing just created in a laboratory. We are aware of how technological development brought to us so many different innovations and advancements. Therefore, we can freely say that diamonds created in the laboratory present one revolutionary discovery and innovation. The creation process of getting these diamonds starts with a tiny slice of a diamond where the crystalline structure is formed. This is called the diamond seed and the compound of this seed is pure carbon.

This seed is placed in a vacuum where carbon molecules start to assimilate to the diamond seed. You can imagine this as the 3D printing of a diamond. From the moment a diamond is grown in this chamber it is ready to be cut and polished, just like in the case of a natural real gem. Because the fact that laboratory diamond is still a pure diamond, it is in a chemical way, the exact same thing as a natural diamond.

The first diamond formed in the laboratory is produced in the 1950s. However, it took sixty more years for producing a gem-quality diamond that will have sufficient color and clarity that will sparkle and look elegant. The durability and toughness of both these diamond options are completely the same.