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How can Kidney Stones be Flushed Out Faster – 2024 Guide

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Kidney stones are one of the most common urological problems faced by millions of people around the world. It is a well established fact that 1 in every 10 people develop kidney stones at some point in their lives.

Along with being quite common, they are quite painful and discomforting as well. Therefore, it is quite obvious to look for ways to get rid of kidney stones as soon as possible.

So without further delay, let us quickly tell you about the ways to flush kidney stones out faster.

Let us begin with some natural ways to speed up the removal of kidney stones at home.

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  • The key to flushing out kidney stones faster is hydration. Make sure that you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day and stay hydrated at all times.
  • Include fruits containing natural citrate and antioxidants in your diet. The antioxidants will help the kidneys function properly and the citrates will help in breaking the stones into smaller pieces, thereby facilitating faster removal. e.g. apple, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, melon, etc.
  • You can take detox drinks like barley water and basil water every day. Detox drinks help in flushing out waste products and thus prevent new stones from forming.
  • Stay active. No need to indulge in any vigorous exercises. Remember that the intensity of exercise doesn’t matter, but the quality and quantity does. Just a 30 minutes walk would be more than enough to enhance the functioning of all the internal organs.
  • Eat a fiber rich and healthy diet. Avoid any junk, processed or greasy foods so that the condition doesn’t worsen.

These lifestyle and dietary changes will certainly help you get significant relief from the troubles of kidney stones. However, it is possible that these may not be very successful in the severe cases of kidney stones.

Therefore, to avoid any unpleasant complications, it is better to stay in touch with an experienced urologist and discuss the problem properly. Severe cases of kidney stones are also treatable through surgical procedures and thus, medical treatment is necessary.

What is the best permanent treatment for kidney stones in Delhi?

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Over the years, the surgical procedures for kidney stone treatment have simplified a lot and a number of advanced treatment procedures have come into existence. Two of these modern surgeries are laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy.

Laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy are both high precision procedures that basically work by breaking the larger stone into smaller pieces, so that they can be easily flushed out through the urine. Laser lithotripsy achieves this using pulses of laser energy whereas in shock wave lithotripsy, thousands of shock waves are used for the purpose.

Once the stones are crushed, the surgeon will allow you to go home and will ask you to drink a lot of water. Within a day, the stone granules will be flushed out along with the urine.

Both laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy are absolutely non-invasive and painless procedures. There is no risk of any postoperative complications and you’ll recover completely in a day or two. Thus, through these modern surgical procedures, you can say goodbye to the pesky kidney stones in just one day.

This is particularly advantageous for people residing in metro cities like Delhi since they wouldn’t need to take a lot of time out of their busy schedules for the treatment process. This is probably the reason why many hospitals and surgeons in metro cities are now shifting to the advanced treatment procedures for kidney stones in Delhi and other metro cities.

If you are currently looking for a good hospital and an experienced urologist for the treatment of your kidney stone problem, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care. They offer the advanced laser treatment and shock wave lithotripsy and their surgical procedures are USFDA approved. They also provide a number of other benefits like easy insurance claims, free follow-ups and cab facility to make the treatment procedure seamless for you. Also, with a number of their clinics operational throughout Delhi, finding a clinic near your place won’t be a difficult task.

How to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones?

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One thing about kidney stones is that they have a strong tendency to reappear. In about 50 percent of the cases of kidney stones, they develop again even after surgeries. Therefore, you must know some tips and lifestyle changes to lower the chances of recurrence of kidney stones.

  • Dehydration is the major cause of kidney stones. So, make sure that you drink enough water every day.
  • Lack of exercise can make you prone to kidney stones. So exercise regularly and perform a little yoga to maintain healthy blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Ensure that you include enough calcium in your regular diet. Also, do not rely on calcium supplements. Rather, choose natural calcium sources.
  • Monitor your salt intake. Also, avoid eating excess of oxalate rich foods.

Final Words

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Kidney stones are quite troublesome but you don’t need to endure the pain forever. All you need to do is make a wise choice and consult a specialist doctor as soon as the symptoms start surfacing. Timely treatment will ensure lesser complications as well as faster recovery.

So, if you are struggling with kidney stones, do not delay any further. Contact an experienced urologist and lead a happy and healthy life.