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What Triggers a Jackpot on a Slot Machine – 2023 Guide

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The mystery surrounding the slot machine jackpot lasts as long as they exist as a casino game. Many believe that it is possible to predict when the biggest win will fall, and some go so far as to predict and in which casino it will happen. With the advent of online casinos, these speculations seem to have become less popular and unpredictable for gamblers. However, forecasts and similar predictions never stop.

Let’s start from the beginning:

All slot machines are based on RNG

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RNG is short for random number generators. Whether you play slots in a real casino or an online variant like you can find on GambleUSA, this way of programming applies to virtually all machines.

Many years ago there were various beliefs and even consultations with so-called experts, who claimed that they could predict the outcome, but RNG does not work that way.

Therefore, nowadays, there is almost no way to predict when the jackpot will fall.

You are guided by the prize fund

This actually makes sense. Each organizer has the maximum amount of jackpot to be won. Slot players monitor this and know how to assess when such an event occurs. For example, if the ad says that the jackpot is one million dollars, that fund needs to be replenished so that the winnings can be paid.

This means that the deposits and money that players invest are collected and seen when the value is approaching one million dollars. When the fund is around 990,000, the gamblers start with predictions that the big day is near. Many players then invest even more money and the fund can slightly exceed one million.

And then they recognize the moment of the biggest win – what really happens, but not in the way they want. It is quite easy to predict when the winnings will happen, but not the location of the slot machine.

There are factors that affect the jackpot

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Most of these factors are related to the reward fund and less to the chance that you will get the main profit. An example of this is the RTP, or return-to-player option that all casinos have. This parameter shows you what your theoretical chances are of making a big profit.

But do not forget that it is still a mathematically calculated probability and that in practice it is not always the same as in theory. You should keep in mind that the parameter is known as volatility also has a big impact. That is the variability of profits.

When it falls,  the jackpot rises and is closer to winning, and when it rises, it is still high, but there is no chance that it will happen soon or the amount will be much lower. Volatility refers to short-term forecasts. But the long-term ones are shown through variance, which assesses the risk and the chance of winning in the long run.

These factors must be taken into account when playing slots. Most often, the casino itself has shown them in the description of the game.

Recognize the type of the jackpot

The progressive jackpot grows with each spin, ie with every dollar invested in the winnings fund. The fixed jackpot does not depend on how many active players there are in the slot game, nor on the amount they invest.

The progressive one is the one that happens more often and then the profit fund decreases, so it grows up to the maximum predicted value. The fixed one, on the other hand, is less likely to happen and predict, so there are not many fans among the players. One of the reasons is that they can not play on small stakes, because that would mean that they do not have much chance of winning.

Be realistic in your expectations

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All games of chance and gambling are actually made in a way that is completely unpredictable. Therefore, we would like to warn you that even when it seems to you that the moment of profit has come, in fact, it should not happen.

Many gamblers who claim otherwise are not really honest in their intentions. Earlier in this article, we explained the basic principle on which slot machines are based and that means that most of the time you can neither predict nor recognize when it’s time for the jackpot.

Misconceptions about gambling

When online casinos are booming, it is very wrong to believe that someone can influence the end result or in any way make someone win the top prize.

In the past, almost all games were rigged, but it is very unfair to happen in 2023. In fact, for a casino to get a license to operate, it must meet many conditions, including proving that it does not fix the games and the winners.

Also, prize funds are not fictitious and are a relevant parameter in gambling.

Every player should be responsible for what he does and not allow various theories and beliefs to convince him that he can know when the slot machine will “let out” the jackpot.

Conclusion and final verdict

There is no trigger for the slot machine jackpot. If it existed, many players would know it in advance and empty the casino safes. Neither in the big gambling palaces nor in the online version of your phone is it possible for this to happen.

Do not be fooled by various theories. Think of slots as a way to have fun, with which you can fill your free time and eventually get some extra money on your income.

Once again – there are no predictions and triggers for the main prize of slots. Even if you invest a huge amount of money, it does not mean that you will win. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re doing at all times, to plan the money you want to spend, and not succumb to the lies that surround this whole industry.

And this is probably all you need to know about this topic.