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Interesting Google facts – infographic


There is so many interesting google facts about which we know very little! Here’s a nice infographic with a lot of famous and less-known details and tricks related to the world’s most famous Internet search engine.

Google is the most popular Internet search engine in the world. It occupies by far the largest market share of Internet search engines with over 80% of users of the total user search. Millions of computer users as “Home Page” have set Google, which is not surprising when its simplicity allows exactly what all of us need: finding useful information in the mass of information and data provided to us by the Internet.

You will, among other things, find out what was the content of the first Google’s tweet? (I’m feeling lucky, in binary code), when is released first Android? (in September 2008), how many new queries appear every day on Google (15 percent), how many smart glasses Glass are sold every minute (five), and a lot more.

It’ll reveal some useful tricks. Say, do you know how to search by file type? Enter the query, and then filetype: ppt, if you are looking for a PowerPoint presentation, or filetype: Word, if you are looking for a document in Word.

Would you like to find different fun games, type any of this – Google Gravity, Google Hacker, Google Pacman, Google Sphere, Google Mirror, Google Underwater – and click the I’m Feeling Lucky. You must have turned off the option Instant Predictions, by enter google.com/preferences.

And you can also see an overview of the major failures of Google’s projects, such as Buzz and Wave…

There is an interesting infographic about Google facts below:

google facts infographic