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Infographic of the Online Video Impact in 2014 – Facts and Statistics

More and more viewers are using iPads, mobile devices and their laptops to watch their favorite shows and videos online. In order for brands to compete, video-marketing strategies must be included in your 2014 marketing mix. If you have any doubts, facts and statistics shown in this online video infographic of 2014 , will help you to understand the importance of the video in online marketing and the video impact to the consumers.
We know that consumers are consuming video content quickly and aggressively – watching full seasons of shows on Netflix, viewing cat videos on YouTube, or sharing quick videos on Vine, Snapchat and Instagram . How are marketers breaking through reaching this audience?Answer is simple- online video marketing.The statistics speak for themselves. Video marketing has a huge affect on sales. Video consumption online increased drastically over the last few years. Wondering how to add video to your marketing strategy? Few quick tips that might help you:
Share new releases of products with your customers via video. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways for your customers to understand and consume the products or information you’re sharing with them.Video blogs and Webinars can be posted to your YouTube channel, your website, Facebook fan page or any other social accounts and online presence! Add a video clip to your e-mail marketing campaign. Either embed the video or add a image screenshot that people can click on that leads them to a video on your website or social profile. Again, it’s the quickest and easiest way for viewers to consume your information and makes it a great, engaging way for your content to be shared. Most importantly – it drives traffic to your websites or social profiles.Training videos, video infographics, demos, interviews with people from the same industry, and live event coverage are all great opportunities to share more information about your brand and business without ‘selling’ your brand. Motion graphics, better known as video infographics are also a powerful tools to explain your products via video, create viral marketing campaign or show some facts and statistics about your business sales, growth, quality and values. As we can see there are many ways how videos can be used for online marketing.But without shadow of a doubt, online video has a significant impact to your business. There are no reasons why you should ignore it and stay behind your competition.

Infographic by JLB Media: Corporate Video Production