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Infographics – The Art of Information

Infographics and data visualization

Infographics are nowadays very popular on the Internet. Every event, film and popular product does have its own infographic. But what is actually an infographic?
Many images that are published online under the name “infographic” I would not call directly an infographic. For example, many graphical representations are simply translations of statistics: just graphics! It’s often nice overviews of information, but it really does not tell a story. It’s more a visual statistical summary.

Contemporary infographics

Nowadays more and more data emerging. On daily basis we have huge amount of online sources to find information we need.And most of the times – it’s just data! But data can tell us so much more if it becomes visualized. It’s almost an emergent story, a story that arises because the data is visualized. But is it an infographic? Visualized data becomes preconceived story or illustration and therefore we can say infographics are form of art.

Definition of an infographic

What is the definition of an infographic? I think infographics are compressed form of knowledge. As we know very well image or picture is worth a thousand words. By making use of design and data is more than ‘just’ a picture. It is a system in which your rules, connections and relationships explains. And by using the combination with textual information and visual elements, infographics becomes easy to digest knowledge.
It is also a story which you can use to bring your ideas together, like a book or a work of art. We live in time of continuous dynamics and ‘living identities’, and in this age an infographic is a good way – perhaps the best – to establish new ideas, to organize and express your data.

Infographic makes your data beautiful

But regardless of what an infographic is exactly, it’s a fact: infographics are super cool and awesome! Infographics makes data simply beautiful and easy to inderstand! And all those beautiful infographics out there are creative and graphic taste sensations. And they all tell a story. It is a fantastic field with even more fantastic results. We have posted several times some reviews and round ups about most popular infographic templates and resources.