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Animated Data Visualization – Infographic Animation

For over the past few years, people have noticed a great increase in the number of websites in the internet. Normally, those websites are made to give knowledge to the people. But as time passes by, many businesspersons started to use it as one of their marketing tools because of the reason that most of the people these days love to surf the web.

However, due to the popularity of the internet or websites, businesspersons have difficulty to make the people choose their site among thousands of other web pages. So they really look for the best way to make their website really attractive in order for it to attract and have plenty of visitors. One of the techniques used by some of the businesspersons is the infographic animation.

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It is an animated presentation which is a combination of icons, signs, diagrams, symbols and maps to effectively communicate and attract the viewers and your visitors can also share it. Aside from its effectiveness to attract customers for your business, the following are the other benefits and advantages it can give to you:

  • Abundance of incoming links – aside from sharing the infographic that you have made, you also have a chance to include it with embed code and to also allow people to post it to their own website. Additionally, it also makes an inbound link for your website which can boost your sites ranking.
  • Tracking and analytic – whether you use or not an embed code, your infographic animation is really easy for you to track. Just use analytics to easily and accurately calculate your website’s clicks, views and the time spent of the viewer in viewing it.
  • Keywords – you can also use it as another tool to produce traffic with the help of the main keyword that you are using for your website. In order for it to boost the rank of your keyword, place it in the title and to the details of your own infographic animation.
  • Blog engagement – animated infographics tend to be more effective when it comes to generating comments the moment they are published in a blog. So you can higher up the involvement or interaction of your customers to your website and product.
  • Branding – one of the important benefits of using this is that, it is an effective tool to help you brand your own business especially when you include your business logo and message in it.
  • Easy to remember – study shows that most of the people around the world can easily remember the things they have seen or in other words they are considered as visual learners. So there is a big chance that your infographic animation will be easy to remember and can be still in the mind of your viewers especially if it is interesting.
  • Easy to create – there is no need for you to be one of the graphic designers just to create it. With the help of several software that you can find in the internet which is so easy to use and also have a tutorial. You will not anymore have a very hard time in making it perfectly.
  • Viral – knowing the fact that people are too fond in surfing the net, watching videos and using social media, there is a very big chance that many people will share it especially if it really get their attention. By it, the brand of your company can easily be known worldwide in just one click.

Due to the mentioned advantages and benefits, infograhics are indeed very helpful to businesses. Furthermore, if you want to have your own animated infographic that can definitely attract people, then you should consider the things below.

Ways to make your infographic animation rally effective

  • Wisely decide the information that you will be using – it is advisable that before you make your own animated infographic, you should first be very careful and sure when it comes to the information that you will be including. Most especially that animated videos are more difficult and really consumes more time and more expensive to revise compared to the usual videos that you can see in the internet.
  • Visual style – for you to have a great animated infographic, you should have a firm sense of style when it comes to visual. Things like the textures, shapes, colors and fonts will definitely have a big impact on it. So make sure that you will put big effort in it to ensure the quality of your infographic animation.
  • Music – life is boring without music. Same with infographic, it will never be really entertaining when you don’t include a music in it, so make sure that you add music in it. Furthermore, the music that you will be choosing will also determine the purpose or tone of your video. However, you can also use a sound of a human voice. But when you will use it, make sure that the voice will be really appropriate to your video.
  • Originality – if you really desire to make it really effective, then you should make it unique. Most of the unique things today can easily caught the attention of thousand viewers. So make sure that it is unique and most especially beautiful.


So for you to have an infographic animation that can really attract people for the website of your business, make sure that you will consider the following things above starting from the information up to the music. Additionally, make sure also that you will be really careful in its every details to guarantee its 100% outstanding quality.

Furthermore, infographic animation is not only for business purposes. You can also use this to present a stories and complex situation, or you can also use it to address social subversion, satire and comment. Additionally, infographics that are set in motion may be really involving, funny, informative and touching sometimes, depending on how you will use it.

So whether what kind of website you have and you want to increase the traffic of it, it is advisable that you use animated infographic videos. The moment that you will use infographic animation, is also the moment that you will notice an increase of visitors and ranking of your website.

Infographic Animation Templates

Data is beautiful with the Infographics After Effects template! Easy to follow Video Tutorials are included for each chart showing you how to change the data, colors and text.

Charts & Graphics include:

  • Concentric Circle Chart
  • Vertical Bar Graph
  • Two Line Comparison Graph
  • Circle Pie Chart
  • Horizontal Bar Graph
  • Filled Line Graph
  • Half Circle Chart
  • World Percentage Chart
  • Four Pie Chart comparison
  • Percentage of Males Chart
  • Percentage of Females Chart

Enter your data percentage or number into the expressions control slider and your data will automatically update (in most comps)! Render the main preview composition or render each infographic composition individually to use in other videos.

Easy-to-follow instructions will show you how to customize the template with your text.

Compatible with After Effects CS4 and all newer versions

The awesome free font ‘Melbourne’ was used in this template.

Buy this template for $55.00 on MotionElements

Corporate Infographic Animation For Final Cut Pro X

All info-graphic chart used in modern marketing presentations

Designed for use with Final Cut Pro X.
6 generators,1 title generator,4 transition

  • Pie Chart
  • Demographic chart
  • Map info chart
  • MultiLayer productivity chart
  • Outlined Pie chart
  • Line graph chart
  • Box graph chart and 4 transition’s Line chart transition
  • Box chart transition
  • Demographic chart transition
  • Demographic chart transition (jump)

Create your own Infographic Animation.

In depth Tutorial’s : https://vimeo.com/channels/companydata
Install instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydva2g64mshn45k/AABI_m-XRY-btKRY6NPmclW4a?dl=0
Audio is for preview purpose only.
Song is Urban Myth from PETER MCISAAC MUSIC

Buy this template for $29.00 on MotionElements

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We can make professional infographic animation for your needs.

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