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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth in 2024


Some recent research shows that on average, the attention people pay to each content is only 2.8 seconds. In digital marketing, this is the period in which you have the opportunity to gain the attention of users – or lose it. Aware of this fact, and the way in which people consume digital content – images and video have become the dominant form of communication – the companies have begun to adapt their content marketing, and therefore digital strategy.

Creating attractive visual elements that comprise the complex information that users can very quickly absorb, digital marketing is in step with the habits of Internet users whose attention is often very scattered due to the amount of information with which they are in daily contact. Creatively designed infographics that present certain information will certainly attract more clicks and more will be shared compared to the article, which consists of the same information, but only in text format. Video infographic will have equally good effects, if not better. If it’s well designed, can be a huge generator of engagement, and the importance of the images on, for example, blogs – there is no need for further emphasize.

The importance of visual marketing is not new, but in the digital age is very prominent and positions itself as a “spark” that will “ignite” the user for certain content by making it faster to involve and engage emotionally. This is particularly evident for the user of mobile platforms who will rather watch the video, flip through the gallery or click to GIF but consume the same information in textual form on their smartphone or tablet. In addition, companies that have profiles on social networks are aware of how much an average facilities which include photos generate greater involvement of users unlike the text (of course, text segments are still very important!). Furthermore, the presentation of products and services, photography and video gives users a better idea of ​​what companies offer, creating a credible picture of them in the eyes of consumers. Below you can check infographic made by dci which shows How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth: