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How to Use Twitter Like a Pro


Twitter really can be fun and effective way of marketing for some business. It’s one of the most powerful social media sites and it’s your job to utilize it. It has has more then 200 million users who are posting around 70 millions tweets a day! Twitter is great because it can deliver messages directly to your specific customers or audience. Many companies don’t take full advantage of Twitter for branding their products. When creating account make sure to put your company logo as profile picture.

When you are spreading the word don’t just share things about your products, be creative and send personalized messages to people . Doesn’t matter how much quality your product could be, it’s not worth it at all without your readers. You could also use famous Twitter culture to follow people, who are following you. As much as the signing and making account for Twitter could be easy, promoting yourself and finding the right username that fits your business could be difficult. People sometimes think in a way like: “why would I make Twitter when I already have Facebook and isn’t that enough?”


When you follow people back I think it’s a smart idea to create lists based on your criteria. A really good way of starting your business is looking and searching for company that is similar to yours. If you follow them you could learn a thing or two and provide yourself with enough ideas and support for like-minded people. People should find you easily. Put your Twitter name on your business cards or Twitter banner with the logo and name of your company on your e-mail signatures.

Your Tweet posts should offer something interesting, anything that you can think of that will help you personalize your business. Don’t be too formal in this because, Twitter after all is social media website. You need to Tweet almost every day, if you can’t, Tweet few times a day, think of the time in a day where you could reach biggest number of your audience.

When you are creating new account on Twitter, make sure to write unique biography. It should be written in 160 characters or less which could be difficult task for new users. Your biography should stand out from rest of them because it has to show how outstanding you are in contrast of everyone else. Keep the Tweeting simple and short.

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There’s a large number of apps that will help you to get the most from Twitter. One of most popular is called TwitDeck. Twitter originally bought it in 2011. It’s very easy to navigate and there are main columns which shows tweets that are sent by your followers, replies and more. What I really like is that you can schedule your future posts and post them at the time you think you’ll get the best results. If you want to enable more people writing and posting for your company you can do this too with TwitDeck. You are the main administrator and you set them as your contributors. If you really wanna use twitter like a pro the basic concept is that you understand your audience. You can also target your followers based on their language, gender, location and more. This is possible with another good application called SocialBro.


Twitter is ultimately the tool that lets you represent who you are as a person or brand. It’s the one platform where everyone has a voice. And becoming powerfull user on it takes lot of hard work and time. If you could have effect even on single person with your Tweet, then it’s really worth it. Below you can check infographic to learn more about how to use Twitter like pro:

how to use Twitter like a pro