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How to Use Social Media for Small Business

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How to Use Social Media for Small Business

So why, small businesses on social media? You know that if you are just starting as an owner of small business, there’s many things to accomplish, but with limited resources. If you’re trying with more traditional approach for marketing, you can spend all your money. On the other hand, social media marketing costs less and it provides you with direct line to prospective and current customers. There were times when people thought that social media are not big part of small business. But now, it’s totally different story. It’s all about knowing how to engage the right audience with content that’s valuable.

Promoting small business on social media

Every great campaign on social media has equally great strategy. You have to be able to connect with audience and in order to do this you need to have an understanding for┬ácustomers. According to some study, 80% of small business are using social media. That’s really impressive statistic. You will first start to define who’s your audience. Dissect their character profiles by gender, interests, profession and age. Make your message clear and crystallized. It has to be based by the audience you are targeting. Ask yourself what are the crucial problems you can solve? Use multiple social media platforms for marketing yourself. They all together should come as one to help you in achieving the goals you desire.

What forms of social media do small businesses use

Did you knew that 74% of adults online are using social network websites. Follow the well known one in seven rule. This means that out of your 7 posts, only one of them should promote your business. The other 6 that remained should be more focused on your valuable content. Now, when you defined who’s your audience it’s time to get more social. It’s one of most important parts of your success.

The best method to remain consistent is to try to include working with social media on a daily basis. Turn everything that’s distracting you and dedicate full time for social media accounts. In the first two months, spend minimum of 30 minutes a day on social media activities. Conversations on social media are happening in real time all around. You can listen and monitor what others are talking about your brand. You can jump in conversation and respond with comment or feedback. Don’t bother if they are negative because you can turn that into positive! The final step is most critical one. You have to analyze and measure the results. This is the best way for identifying which of your tactics are working and which are not. When you are using social platforms for small business, you have to remember it’s not sprint, but marathon. Follow steps and advices and you will be in position to succeed!