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How To Repair The iPhone From Water And Moisture

repair iphone from water

Did your iPhone fall into water and now you are worried it will not see the next sunrise? You could have dropped it in a bucket of water, accidentally spilled a jig of water all over it, or even splashed it into the toilet bowl! Are you worried that there might be no going back now and your iPhone is now ruined forever? Worry not because there is a way to get your device working again. The method this post is going to describe can work but there is no guarantee that it will work. There have been cases where the suggested method has worked wonderfully well and there have been some cases where it hasn’t. However, when your iPhone is on the verge of dying forever, any attempt to revive it is justified, right? So, below is infographic which should help you to repair the iPhone from water and moisture:

How to repair the iPhone from water and moisture

Repair the iPhone in few steps

First, you need to turn off your phone. Shut it down completely and get ready for the next step which involves you to get the fluids out of your iPhone. If you have a small vacuum, you can use it to suck out the fluids from every port on the device but if you don’t, your mouth should suffice. Ensure you have sucked out as much of the fluids you could and you can proceed to the next step.

In the third step, you need to get a zip lock and fill it up with dry, white rice. Yes, rice! Place your device inside this bag and also add silica gel packs to the bag. Once you have ensured that the phone is submerged in the rice, seal off the pack and put it in a safe place. Do not disturb the packet for at least 36 hours. You can proceed to the next step only once 36 hours have passed.

36 hours later, remove your iPhone from the zip lock pack and check there are no rice grains in any port of your device. It should be easy to get those stuck inside the ports out and get your phone ready for the next step. The fifth step requires you to charge your device for 30 minutes. Just leave it connected to the charger after 30 minutes have passed and press home and sleep buttons together. The Apple logo should show up and when it does, you can release the pressed buttons. You have attained success and can now use your iPhone like you used to before the unfortunate accident occurred. If the logo does not show up and there is no activity in your phone, it is possible that you failed and there is probably no going back. You can put your phone back inside the rice filled zip lock bag for three more days and remain patient, in case it does decide to start working again.

If everything fails, Apple offers out of warranty replacement for $269 and you can use it.