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How To Perfect Your Vine Strategy


Vine, a platform that has thousands of videos playing 6-7 seconds on loop, has taken over virtual world with over 40 million estimated users and more then 100 million unique viewings for each month.

It was founded in 2012, and it was actually Twitter’s purchase. I think this is one of most fun and exciting developments from Twitter since Instagram app. I like to call it the Instagram of video. You can share the recorded videos on other social media websites. Recording is easy, and those 6-7 seconds videos are perfect relation to GIF’s or meme’s. Users are sharing more then 8,500 videos every minute, this platform has so much potential. Vine is for sure leading a revolution in social video sharing.

If you already use or have Instagram account, going through Vine will feel very familiar. You can also like, comment, follow someone just as you would expect from other social media websites. But did you knew that you can use Vine platform for your business too? If you’re trying to manage your business side of Vine account you have to have a purpose, good strategy, plan and of course clear idea of branding.

vine lead

I would like to compare the idea of Vines being 6-7 seconds of joy with blown kisses from your boyfriend or girlfriend or winking from someone you like. There’s a Virgin Mobile company that’s using this kind of strategy for customers, so it attracts them and leaves affection on them. The idea is that you must have perfect story for those few seconds on video. I see lots of people at the age of 20-40 that are very good story tellers on Vine in very short time period.

One good thing is that your videos are automatically replaying after they finished, so in short period of time, lets say 20 seconds, person who’s watching it has a chance of seeing it for at least 3 times in a row. So now you’re probably wondering how can you do good with your Vine. First of all don’t have big expectations. You can imagine branding Vine videos as similar scheme as seeing bus driving trough street with some blockbuster movie adds on it. It’s just for a moment but you will still notice. So people paid less money for putting that add but eventually lots of people on street will see add and probably go to cinema and pay to watch the movie.

If you want to begin with your Vine marketing, good platform to start something is Unruly. This is company which is leading platform in social video advertising. There you can partner with other brands to make to create unique vines. There’s wide range of options at Unruly. You can rank, evaluate, distribute and optimize Vines.

The question is, are people using Vines for interesting and educational material or just for fun? Below you can check infographic with more information about Vine strategy:

how to perfect your vine strategy