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How To Memorize A Speech

speech memorization techniques

Speech Memorization Techniques

Like most of people, when you think about going up on stage and speaking in front of crowd, it gives you jitters and totally breaks your composure. Maybe you even have some experience from past, but you’re just shy person. The biggest fear is that we are going to have blank face, at the same time looking over many people’s faces and ultimately forget our speech and words. But this is exactly what happens to many presenters, and they become more scared for their next speech. But there is a solution for this. You must take your time to memorize and prepare for it, if you do it properly you will not forget the lines you need to say. Putting complete speech is not hard but rather simple.

Perfect speech memorizing in few steps

First thing that you do is write it down. You will need to revisit it few times to get the flow when it feels right. After you are finished with putting up everything together, find some place quiet where you can read it loudly. But read it carefully and slowly. When you start to hear the speech for first time you will probably need to adjust some things, so take your time and perfect the words because it’s your chance to get the content right. When you read it listen to each word you say, and the more you read it the more you’ll be able to speak it from memory. But take this approach slowly as it can get pretty boring when you hear and read the same content all the time. You probably remember this from school days, but this time force yourself to fully focus. If you don’t have enough time to spend few hours memorizing and reading your speech, the great method to get all inside your brain is to record it. Just set it up on the loop and play. If you consistently hear the same thing it will reinforce into your mind. You can even listen to it while you’re running or walking the dog.

speech memorizing

If after doing all this, you’re still struggling, maybe you need different approach, or should I say more active one. Set your speech on play again and this time take some paper and use pen. Then try to write with fast speed at the same time you’re listening. This is hard to do but it will embed content even further in your memory. This can really work because you are speeding the process of getting information in your brain. The technique of visualizing is great too, and especially if you get stuck on some parts of speech. Look at that part and try to visualize something that will fit that particular section. Use all your imagination here and try to connect different image to every part of your speech.

Next time when you get stuck at some part of your speech, the first thing that will come to your mind is image, the content will come back to your head. This is the technique commonly used by entertainers and comedians because of their long sets. Also, don’t force yourself to learn whole speech in just one try.

When you are about to have presentation, try some of techniques I described and you will memorize the speech faster. Good speaker and presenter knows their speech, but great one is capable of drawing full crowd with interesting talk and engaging personality. So start learning today and you will deliver stunning speeches.