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How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement



We believe that you’ve all heard of LinkedIn social network. For those who have not heard – Linkedin is a business social network with an emphasis on business, of course. The social network is used solely for the purpose of business connection, whether you are searching for employees, employers, or want to connect with new partners and want to find new customers.

This social network can not tolerate the same content  like on Facebook and on it you will not find pictures of dogs, cats, summer and winter vacations and other. This is only a tool to generate new business opportunities. From personal experience we can say only positive things about Linkedin because it’s proved to be a great B2B sales tool.

However, LinkedIn does not have to be only for B2B sales, it can be also used for selling services. Of course requirement is that your target audience uses this social network. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a fast-growing network of millions of professionals and one of the only places the business-savvy can put their ideas in front of key decision-makers.

Although you may have a profile on the site, you’re probably not aware of all of the features you can use on the site to grow your community. For companies and individuals alike, LinkedIn has multiple platforms its members can use to find like-minded people and direct relevant content their way.

Below you can check infographic which shows how to increase LinkedIn engagement – it suggests how you can grow your followers more than three-fold: